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498a.org organized:

International Press Conference at Delhi on 3rd January' 2007

" NRI Marriages - “Abducted Children", "Abused In-laws" and “Abandoned” Grooms"


Conf. Room No.3, The India International Centre Annexe,

40 Max Muller Marg, New Delhi

Press Conference Details

Time: 11AM - 2 PM

Speaker: Dr. Anupama Singh Phone: 9810452017

secretary@498a.org, public.relations@498a.org, press@498a.org


Whenever you hear about NRI marriages, you hear a lot about abandoned brides. What doesnt get to the main stream media is how NRI grooms are duped, cheated, humiliated and harassed for various purposes. They are ruthlessly exploited for immigration purposes, be it a visa or a permanent residency of a foreign land. They are blackmailed and extorted for money. They and their families are put behind bars. They lose their jobs, their social status, their visas and in some cases even their lives.

Every year, hundreds of NRI men are duped into sham marriages by unscrupulous brides, wherein unsuspecting grooms are ruthlessly exploited for immigration purposes. Worse, many of them take advantage of gender biased laws by filing false cases of domestic violence and dowry abuse to harass and extort money from their husbands. Particularly tragic are situations where children are abducted to India and the NRI is denied access to his children despite court orders. The psychological and emotional devastation that these children endure due to forced separation from one of their biological parent leaves permanent scars on their psyche.

While the much hyped Pravasi Bhartiya Divas conducted by the Govt. of India has become a platform for bashing NRI Grooms, Indian Govt. refuses to even acknowledge the anguished cries for justice by these innocent families that are being destroyed by unscrupulous Indian brides. The persistent refusal by the Govt. to even consider the issue of Abandoned NRI Husbands and Abducted Children comes as a shock and surprise to NRIs, many of whom have decided to distance themselves from India, after their bitter experience.

498a.org is organizing a press conference to expose immigration fraud in which NRI grooms are callously used to acquire a visa to a foreign country and then abandoned. Press conference will be held at the The India International Centre Annexe (Conference Room No. 3), New Delhi on Jan 3rd, 2008 from 11 am to 2 pm. We intend to dispel the myths regarding the issue of NRI Abandoned Brides and the hype that has been generated by vested interests. NRI marriages and the reverse phenomenon of Abandoned Indian Grooms and Child Abductions by NRI Brides will also be discussed. There will be a live question and answer teleconference call with dozens of NRIs, who will reveal the havoc and destruction caused in their and their extended family’s lives by the Gender Biased Laws in India. Christy Danius (of the infamous Smalin Jenita case) plans to attend the teleconference and would give some updates related to his case as well.

498a.org is a voluntary organization dedicated to supporting NRIs and their families who’ve been ensnared by this draconian law. Rakshak Foundation is an international organization dedicated to preserving the family and social values of India. 498a.org and Rakshak are organizing this press conference. The purpose is to increase public awareness about NRI marriages and the impact of Gender Biased Laws on NRIs. More information is available at www.498a.org/pressConference.htm. 
*names have been changed to protect identities 

This issue is of great national interest given that the Govt. is considering further gender biased legislations, which are based on faulty assumptions and unsubstantiated statistics. We cordially invite you to join our press conference and learn the shocking truth about NRI Marriages and abandoned spouses.

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If you want to present your story or views, please send a mail to: interview@498a.org

If you wish to attend the seminar, wrie to us at: press@498a.org

Press Conference Convener, Dr. Anupama Singh: 9810452017 (cell)


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