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NRI Marriage: Things to keep in mind !!


Information booklet for NRI who is going to marry a girl from India

Information booklet for NRI marriage published by Indian Government


Many Indian women marry successful Overseas Indian men living in affluent foreign countries like the United States. In India, marriage with an Overseas Indian is perceived as an opportunity to lead a better life outside of India, and to enhance one's own career potential with the help of the spouse. There are several reasons why some of these marriages turn sour and result in divorce; For example, unanticipated cultural differences, domestic violence, prior relationships that either spouse is unable to get out of, delays obtaining visa/immigration documents, concealed or undiagnosed medical conditions, unreasonable expectations of Indian brides for a lavish lifestyle, incompatible personalities and marriages forced by parents.

No matter what the reason for marital discord may be, women
of Indian origin have been rampantly misusing Section 498A of IPC to threaten, extort money from, and wreak revenge on Overseas Indian husbands and their families. The perception that Overseas Indians are affluent and more likely to part with money under duress makes them easy targets for threats and blackmail. Women of Indian origin are increasingly resorting to Indian laws despite several legal safeguards available to them within the jurisdiction of their respective countries of residence. The reason for this trend is that Indian anti-dowry laws are replete with loopholes, and the Indian law enforcement system is replete with corrupt officials who, for their own monetary gains, embolden women to take undue advantage of the credibility granted to them by law

A lot has changed in NRIs marriages. We have contacted several government officials including ministry (MOIA, MEA etc) about this issue and have written various letters and memorandums. A lot of this information is available here: Details on how NRIs are cheated by Indian government - the ugly reality


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