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Acquitted - NRI thru Trial 
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Hi Everyone,
My trial has ended and I have been acquitted off all charges (498a, 306, DP 1&4) after 4 ½ years. Being an NRI it was an excruciating ride without having much control of the events and having to endure huge monetary loss. Anyways my situation was too complex and I had to clear my name for my mom.

Summary :
• Married “something” recommended by a mutual relative
• Hardly stayed in India, returned to US for work.
• Tried every possible way to keep her happy, big bundle of evidence. While she was greedy for my wealth, immature and psychotic.
• As in TV dramas, she was sitting home planning all kinds of evil attacks through self injuring acts (knife, heated spoon, running away from home, tantrums of hair pulling and the look on her face that you can only see in a seriously disturbed psycho. For some reason my mom was her worst enemy although they hardly interacted with each other.
• Baby episode started, she acted real nice for 3 months to convince me of her maturity, The moment she conceived, started to act even worse, (she would beat her stomach if she gets upset). I stayed quite and endured her acts so my child would have a normal birth in US.
• Her mom visited us for the child birth at US for a brief period, and turned everything even worse. All the patch-work I had to keep my marriage intact went to drains.
• Wife later turned extremely psychotic, threatening suicide and ensuring I don’t have any peace at home. Not even letting me show my child to my mom thru web cam.
• Had enough of her devastating acts and decided to go thru marriage counseling. She refused and turned extremely violent. Had to call 911 and she was reported having depression requiring immediate treatment.
• She wanted to visit India, I had to reveal some of the trouble to my mom so she wasn’t surprised when it eventually got to her.
• My mom committed suicide, I filed divorce in India and returned alone.
• After receiving my petition, they started fighting within their family fuelled by her lawyer uncle. Her mom committed suicide.
• With the help of her lawyer uncle, they framed a 306 (abetment to suicide) and 498a, DP etc, text book style against me and my father, they even made up a suicide attempt for her. My name and my Father’s name were published in News Papers.
• I was shocked for a while, having lost my mom and knowing that I can never get back my child.
• Decided to fight back to destroy her lies about me, my dead mom and my Father.
• Was warned that I may not return alive if I visit India and set foot in their town all devised by her lawyer uncle and a MLA.
• Visited India within 6 months, restored my divorce and showed my compliance with the law.
• Nothing moved after that for almost 2 yrs even with my visits to India.
• Decided to stay in india for a while and get this crap cleared.
• Got 306 quashed in HC, they went to SC, and were kicked out (their petition was not even admitted).
• Persisted through my 498a trial with constant pressure on my team to finish the case and ensured all my evidence were admitted, zero evidence from her side, they just had witness stmts which were inconsistent between them and also made-up new stmts at trail.
• After almost 90% of the trial was done I returned back to US, she filed a DV including more relatives with a Xerox of her original 498a complaint.
• After almost a year of delay after the witness deposition, got my acquittal on all charges.
• Exploring counter actions but nothing really practical for an NRI unless I invest huge amount money and constantly visit India.

It’s a highly ridiculous system which would only listen to a women and screw the guy in every possible way. To be frank I would not recommend anyone to finish their trial, its simply a big joke with nothing positive once you reach the finish line. You would have to endure the most disgusting situations while being constantly abused by the legal system including your own team. Just show your compliance with the law, get your bail and let the trial take its own course, this way your normal life is not troubled, and the other party would loose their patience and try to end it.

My sincere thanks to members of this forum both in US and India for your support at various stages. I am not overly excited about the result because once 498a is branded, you are going to loose your life, victory doesn’t bring back the lost lives nor does it restore my child back to me or get back the 5yrs I lost to this case. Only thing that has been achieved is having branded her as a low life with no more fake excuses to fool the society.

Good luck with your individual cases.

PS : Just mentioned NRI in subject line so any NRI in future can see that it is possible to remotely operate a 498a and get your name cleared.


Mon Feb 13, 2012 5:32 am

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Congrats on your acquittal. Sad story with blemishes of happiness at the end.

I still don't understand the hatred of women towards M-I-L and spoiling every bodies life.

Mon Feb 13, 2012 5:43 am

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Congrats bro ... we are all branded 489a .. on your case you are aquitted .. look after your father and your kid well ..

Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:38 am

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Congrats Brother, Sorry for the lose of the Mother.

We may need your help as we are all in the same path, please hang in this forum for as long as you can and help us.

can you please tell me when should I visit India as my 498A charge sheet just filed and I have to attend next date in march.
what is the procedure to take leave from 498A until trial starts?


Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:47 am

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Pathetic story brother!
I dont have even dare to congratulate u becoz u lost the most precious gem ie ur beloved mom here.
God have given them the punishment, that is ur achievement.
I would suggest u to file child custody and take out him from marsh.
Best Wishes!

Mon Feb 13, 2012 11:12 am

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great efforts. I m saluting u sir.
I hope u wont shut the fire within u. pls fight against the biased system.

Sat Feb 18, 2012 10:04 am

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Congratulations bro.... At least you can sleep well. Your story is scary and at the same time inspiring.


Sat Feb 18, 2012 2:29 pm

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Thank you all for your wishes and sympathy. I don't get emotional with my problems, so I apologize for not responding to you individually.

potentialvictim498A - Posted a separate thread for your question under NRI section, sub- "“Visiting India first time with AB”. Pls. chk the below link.



Sat Feb 18, 2012 4:53 pm
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