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Discrepancy in statemets
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Author:  idiotsociety [ Tue Oct 28, 2014 7:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Discrepancy in statemets

Hello All,
This case is under section 304B & 302.

Cross Examination is the current stage of the case.

During the disposition of statements, parents of deceased said that telephone call was received just one day before the date of suicide deceased complaining about the harassment on their mobile phones.

But in other statements (M.R.O sworn statement, written complaint by deceased father to police, charge sheet) it is said that it on the same day of suicide that deceased called and complained about the harassment over the land line.

During the cross examination when questioned about the discrepancy the deceased father & mother states that they were in shock & agony so they stated the date wrongly in previous statements.

How to deal with it?
Will judge sir consider their version of shock & agony? The fact should not change right? Deceased parents even specified time too in the written complaint to police
Does it lead to benefit of doubt?
Is this a good point for Acquittal?
Please help answering.


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