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MILAN's Case Status update
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Author:  struggling [ Sat May 25, 2013 11:25 pm ]
Post subject:  MILAN's Case Status update

Dear Friends & Foes,

Shubho Nobo borsho 1420, Guten morgen, Holi mubarak, Eid Mubarak & Sat Sree Akal to everyone.

Here's an update on MILAN(*) cases.

http://photogallery.indiatimes.com/beau ... 174132.cms

(*) MILAN, a part of province Lombardy, is the commercial capital of Italy.Milan is a safe heaven for 498A accused also,since police doesn't bother to chase 498A

victims till Milan.

Now, an update about PARK STREET rape case.

Please see BARTAMAN patrika's Kolkata section of 9th May,2013 issue.
http://www.bartamanpatrika.com/archive/ ... olkata.htm
Please translate the page in Bengali (if required, learn Bengali, it's a sweet language and you won't regret the effort spent in learning Bengali).

Now, the question is, did the rape actually happen ? There are RUMOURS, that the complainant's brother was working in the primary accused's company and leaked strategic

planning secrets of the firm to a competitor,in exchange of money.
The primary accused took disciplinary action (as per company policy) & sacked the employee.
His sister, to avenge the pink slip, framed the primary accused & 3 others in RAPE case.
Their saviour, the lawyear,failed to protect them from the ire of state govt of West Bengal and here we need to do some BG check of the lawyear.Remember, the case is

SUB-JUDICE & it is upto the honourable trial court to give verdict.

1.The same advocate tried to defend the accused in Stephen court blaze, which took several lives

2.The same advocate framed so many innocent people in false 498A case

What is the mission statement of this advocate, has he sold his spirit to the devil for money?

If that is the case, then let us also pray for money

'' Ma dekha de,
Noi taka de.'' - Composed & played by Kalpurush (the singer of ''Kalidas'')

Congratulations to Bayern Munchen for winning UEFA Euro 2013.

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