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British national, Indian national and 498A and UK 
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want to create list of national (British, Indian etc) accused under 498A. Can poeple help?

Fri Dec 07, 2007 9:22 am
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Hey Sanil,

email satya at He can give you contact details of victims from UK and then you can start a local group. Please let me know if you need any help.



Sat Dec 22, 2007 1:41 pm
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For a start - I am based in the UK and can be reached on 07930 414895.

Amit Mehta

Wed Mar 19, 2008 12:25 am

Joined: Sat Dec 31, 2005 10:52 am
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are you British national or ? give a decription of your 498A case, please? Here's my email address:

Wed Mar 19, 2008 4:27 pm
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I have sent you the list of UK victims, I propose you organize a meeting in London somewhere over weekend.
Please confirm.

Thu Mar 27, 2008 8:30 am
I am a british national of indian origin.Falsely framed under 498a , had a horrible 8 months in india, spent 5 days behind bars and took me 7 months to get my passport back and travel.Now my ex has moved the supreme court against the order of the high court to release my passport.I hav a spinal condition and need to continue my treatment in the UK as it is costing me Rs 3 lac / month in india.I also need to know how long before I can file for divorce and if the divorce in UK impact the 498a case in india?


Fri Sep 12, 2008 10:10 pm

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You already have my details.So count me in.

""I also need to know how long before I can file for divorce and if the divorce in UK impact the 498a case in india? ""

Please do it Immediately.Yes it will in big way.If the divorce is mutual or contested get your solicitor to raise the point of harrasment in India against you.If they agree there were allegations made agaist you in India file a police complain in local police station stating harrasment and try for an injuction in this country.This is hard part as cops wont take your case citing juristiction but if you can convince them that its an ongoing harrasment they will register a case provided your wife is also in UK, but only a civil case.If the other party denies about such a case in writing it will help you in India when you try for a quash.
If you have the oppurtunity to get her in UK (Divorce & financial seatellment) initiate it please as you can wind things up quickly compared to India.

You will benefit from a chat with myself and Sanil on this.


Sat Sep 13, 2008 7:49 am

Joined: Sat Dec 31, 2005 10:52 am
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The 498A was registered before the divorce. Therefore, 498A will continue even if u get the divorce from the UK Court. Also, it upto the Court (Indian) to conclude the matter if u get the divorce.

If mutual divorce approx. 6-8 months you will get the divorce from the UK Court. If it is contested it would take several yearsssssssss. Even if you arise the issue of the 498A the UK court has no jurisdiction in the matter and rule it. But you can try prove her gross misconduct and help within the divorce settlement. If you are petitioner (husband) the divorce is NOT automatically. If the petitioner is the women it is automaticaaly valid in India. Further, if the women is petitioner u can argue that 498A was registered for harassment and extortion in court.

On the civil case in the UK, you aren't do it as it is question do with jurisdiction.

Sun Oct 12, 2008 10:56 am
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I am a victim of false 498a, a complain & RCN has been filed in India in 2017 after I sent a legal notice for desertion. Following 2017 Supreme court guidelines, my complain was sent to Social Welfare department and it favoured me stating there is no sign of domestic violence.

Later the petitioner, moved to court and an FIR was filed against me without following 2017 Supreme court guidelines. I got AB.

I am living in UK for nearly 10 years, It's 3 year since I got married and 2 years since separated. I lived with my wife only in UK and that too not more than 90 days in one full year. All allegations on me is stated to be happened in UK and I have strong evidences to prove it to be false / prove that she abused me and threatened to kill me.

Is there anyone whom I can meet / contact to get some guidance on whether or not to file a complaint in UK while things are proceeding in India.

Thanks in advance.

Sun Aug 05, 2018 9:51 pm
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