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We are members of the Organization to help the victims of misused IPC 498A (IPC-498a)

498a.org is a strong team of Indian citizens (all around the world) who have joined hands to fight the evil of 'misuse of 498a' (commonly known as dowry law). We are the mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, brother-in-law, sister-in-law of the innocent victims falsely implicated by 498a

IPC 498A was introduced to save the women being harassed by husband and in-laws. But now the situation is there are more and more women innocent victims (sisters, mothers). Woman (wife or daughter-in-law) uses 498a to harass other women (sister, mother-in-law, sister-in-law) and children (mis)using this section.

We campaign and create awareness about gross injustices and abuse that happen in Indian Legal system. We are not against women, but we are against to those who misuse this law. We specifically fight against:

1) Abuse of old, sick people, women and small kids, especially by Legal means when they are arrested and put in jail (without investigation) just by one line of false complaint by their daughter-in-law. We want this law for daughter-in-law section 498a to be changed.

2) Counsellors from NGOs forcing men to disown parents and live as wishes of their wives and in-laws.

3) Large scale NRI bashing by NGOs and by Media without considering their great contribution to making India a global power.

4) Draconian laws which are abused by dishonest daughter-in-law to victimise innocent mothers and unmarried sisters.

5) Against those daughter-in-laws mentally and physically harassing old, sick in- laws and not providing them with proper food and healthcare.