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Victims of Legal Terrorism

As part of its awareness campaign, is releasing the anguished cries of the victims that come here for help in various stages of being devastated by a law that presumes that they are guilty without even giving them a semblance of a fair chance. The options they have are either to give in to their wife's demands of astronomical amounts of money or waste 4-5 years in the court to prove themselves innocent. We have thousands of victims who are waiting to be heard. We are releasing 100 stories for now and will release more stories from time to time. These stories have NOT been specially selected and have not been edited except that names etc. have been edited/changed.

See how innocent men and women are vitimized by the draconian 498a law. See for yourself how easy it is for a wife to use this case to destroy an innocent man and his complete family. Look at how distressed people are when they contact us (some even considering suicide).Look at failed relationships, failed marriages and how kids just become pawns in the hands of unsrupulous women. Look at all the injustice that has been meted out to these families and see how some of them were betrayed by someone they considered their own. Feel their pain and the sting of the stab if you can.

Victim No. 1 from R.O.Ireland
Victim No. 2 from New Delhi
Victim No. 3 from mumbai
Victim No. 4 from secunderabad
Victim No. 5 from Hyderabad
Victim No. 6 from CT, USA
Victim No. 7 from Dubai
Victim No. 8 from Los Angeles, USA
Victim No. 9 from NJ, USA
Victim No. 10 from HOWRAH
Victim No. 11 from chandigarh
Victim No. 12 from kolkata
Victim No. 13 from Jaipur
Victim No. 14 from JHARKHAND
Victim No. 15 from United Kindonm
Victim No. 16 from mumbai
Victim No. 17 from New Mumbai
Victim No. 18 from New Jersey
Victim No. 19 from bangalore
Victim No. 20 from New Jersey, USA
Victim No. 21 from USA
Victim No. 22 from UP
Victim No. 23 from Texas
Victim No. 24 from Mumbai
Victim No. 25 from Sydney, Australia
Victim No. 26 from Singapore
Victim No. 27 from India
Victim No. 28 from Hyderabad
Victim No. 29 from Gurgaon (Haryana)
Victim No. 30 from London, UK
Victim No. 31 from THANE, MUMBAI
Victim No. 32 from india,AndhraPradesh.,Nellore
Victim No. 33 from Australia
Victim No. 34 from hyderabad
Victim No. 35 from Coimbatore
Victim No. 36 from Delhi
Victim No. 37 from mohali ,punjab
Victim No. 38 from London
Victim No. 39 from kurukshetra - haryana
Victim No. 40 from London
Victim No. 41 from CANADA
Victim No. 42 from Jakarta,Indonesia
Victim No. 43 from faridabad (India)
Victim No. 44 from Lucknow(Currently London)
Victim No. 45 from Canada
Victim No. 46 from Mumbai
Victim No. 47 from San Francisco, USA
Victim No. 48 from delhi
Victim No. 49 from hyderabad
Victim No. 50 from baltimore
Victim No. 51 from bangalore
Victim No. 52 from india
Victim No. 53 from US
Victim No. 54 from Gurgaon
Victim No. 55 from california
Victim No. 56 from Hyderabad/mumbai
Victim No. 57 from Jalandhar
Victim No. 58 from USA
Victim No. 59 from Kolkata
Victim No. 60 from Mumbai, mahashtra
Victim No. 61 from US
Victim No. 62 from Patna
Victim No. 63 from bangalore
Victim No. 64 from a
Victim No. 65 from agra
Victim No. 66 from lucknow
Victim No. 67 from Hyderabad
Victim No. 68 from Gurgaon
Victim No. 69 from New Delhi
Victim No. 70 from pune-mumbai
Victim No. 71 from amritsar
Victim No. 72 from Chennai
Victim No. 73 from Bhopal, MP
Victim No. 74 from Australia
Victim No. 75 from Abu Dhabi (UAE)
Victim No. 76 from jharkhand
Victim No. 77 from Mulund
Victim No. 78 from London
Victim No. 79 from Delhi
Victim No. 80 from Delhi
Victim No. 81 from Mangalore
Victim No. 82 from Kolkata
Victim No. 83 from Madras
Victim No. 84 from Byculla, Mumbai - 400008
Victim No. 85 from chennai
Victim No. 86 from USA
Victim No. 87 from Andheri(w),M\'bai.
Victim No. 88 from Delhi
Victim No. 89 from punjab
Victim No. 90 from Mumbai
Victim No. 91 from Fremont,CA
Victim No. 92 from madras
Victim No. 93 from Howrah
Victim No. 94 from belapur, New Bombay
Victim No. 95 from new jersey
Victim No. 96 from United kingdom
Victim No. 97 from Bangalore
Victim No. 98 from Lucknow
Victim No. 99 from thane
Victim No. 100 from delhi

Victim No. 1 from R.O.Ireland

Married In India, No Marraige Cert. therefore Court marraige where one swers not already married in Ireland.Wife did a Masters Univ.Degree,and worked as an assistant Law Librarian for Barristers, Left on the day got a passing result in Exams. which were received on Return after4 weeks in India. 
Bought one way ticket from own funds and never wrote back. 
Divorce Petition filed in U.K. as I am domicile of U.K.She refused to accept petition, a lawyer in Agra hired who served the petition. 

Victim No. 2 from New Delhi

I get married in march this year all thing is going well my family is educaed n i am a government servent even we pay half for the marriage arrangement which is to be bear by the girl family problem starts when my brother which is working in another state transferred in our city so my father shifted us to bigger room in the same house and brother to small room that time my wife is not there when she came back she had talk falsely to my father n mother that why they shifted her room and shouted on them after that she took her own jewellery and my mother jewelery which my mother gave her to wear on some party occasions then she left her house and moved to her mother house it was about a month back till then whe lives with her mother whenever i talke dto her she old me that she want to live alone now she start syaing we will live in my father\'s other house but i dont want to leave my famliy and feared of that she would file a case against me and my family. after marrige she regularly goes to meet her mother as her house in the same city just 5-6 Km far from house she even ho 4 times a week at her house. when i told her not to go there she threaten me to do sucide. whe is pregnant and from her mothers family some people start rumoring to our relatives that we beat her and we thrown her out of the house. tell me what to do what is the solution of that problem

Victim No. 3 from mumbai

I year 2000 - my wife says that i am not handsome & she is not satisfied in sex with me - she got married only because he is afraid of his Seven brother - because they chose me, but same think she don\'t tell it in front of her brother - making false statement I was charged with a 498(a), i lose the case, jude gave me 1 year imprisment, I applied in upper court - we compromise it - Now (from 2004) i am staying with wife at with her parent & brother residence, again same thing she is doing - in alone she is shouting,abusing me. All my salary she is taking I am not giving a single penny to my parents. I am the only son of my parents. Again her mom & brother is saying that live with her otherwise again they will file 498 complaint - they are not ready to listen to me that she dont want to live with me - she make false statment that i am shouting her beating her. Her mom & brother listen to her what she say is right what i say is false, in front of them she become very inocent.  
Suggest me how to overcome from this situation....

Victim No. 4 from secunderabad

i got married in the month of may in 2004, she stayed with us for two months then suddenly she raised a issue to separate to live from my parents,(since her parents came to the city where we r living). 
i refused to stay without my parents...then immdtly she has given me two options 
1.i have to transfer all my assets on her name if she lives with my parents 
2.i have to live separately with her along with her parents 
i refused for both options...... 
since then the negotiations r going on but ultimately they have taken extreme step to file the case. 
so finally they filed the case on three of us(myself,mom and dad).when they filed the case i was out of town so my parents faced this worst situation and one night they were behind the bars. 
now they came for out of court settlement.....could u pls help me how to go about it? 

Victim No. 5 from Hyderabad

I was on the verge to going to US..and 498 stuck me....through my wife. why would a person earning in dollars do dowry harrasment? police didnot the law is taking its own time..... 
Justice delayed is Justice denied. 
I want everybody indiviual whose life had taken this worse take up this cause and fight against injustice and force women-friendly government to change laws to an extent this law doesnot get misused. Yes..i do agree...some women are facing problems.....but even boy\'s mother & sisters are also women...which law is protecting them for this ?

Victim No. 6 from CT, USA

Dear Friends: 
I have been in the same 498A Fraud case since last 6 years, fighting with my inlaws who are from Ajmer, we are from Mumbai. 
- Please advise if we can get the case transferred from Rajasthan to Mumbai. How to go about. 
- What is the time period for such cases 
- FIR has been filed for my entire family, except for me as I was in the USA at that time.  
- Interpole\'s role, in these case.  
Any support group in NY, NJ or CT 

Victim No. 7 from Dubai

Iam a muslim and working at Dubai and got married in June,2005 basing  
that she is M.C.A After marriage i lived with her for 18 days and left to Dubai. AFter my left, the bride\'s parents took her place. As the bride given false info that she is M.C.A and I started asking about M.C.A copies and Marriage certificate for visa processing from Dubai. As she is not responding and delaying I found through university and got she didnt complete her exams. As she lied always and mother in law is in dominatingly and started accusing me and my family as they found guilty. I shocked and found the family is having worest behaviour and blackmailing my family by saying that Police and court etc., In between i approached elders to settle matter, that time elders requested to give the chance and i accepted as she will change her attitude as I went to India in OCt,2005 solve the issue. infront elders she acted that she will listen. But after she started tourturing me and my family and demanding to give 50 laks indirectly. Finally I wrote a letter to her and her her parents in Dec,2005 to come back to my home. But no response Yet. As she is having health problem asking about the details. They gave wrong info to me. 
Before left she will lodge a complaint leave all of my family memebers.  
I Approched the lawyer, he told to wait until they lodge any complaint. I dont know what to do as my parents are respectable officers in Central Govt. Considering their health also what i have to do.  
Please help me in this regard 
Thank you, Analyst 

Victim No. 8 from Los Angeles, USA

I am in USA right now. 
My wife has tortured my elderly widow mother while my mother came to me for a short visit. 
My mother was even treated for mental stress by a doctor over here. My wife threatened her so much. My wife being an MBA. 
They demended that I should leave my mother and my other relatives forever. 
Now she went to India and after 10 months she and her parents have filed Dawry/Torture case against me and my mother. My mother is going to Police for hearing. She is alone. The girls father shouts at my widow mom. 
They were threatening me already when my wife left me. So, I filed for divorce in USA and got it. 
How do I get peace of mind now. They are threatening my mom and relatives and we dont say anything. We are suffering. 

Victim No. 9 from NJ, USA

My wife filed 498a case, and she is not coming to court as she cannot prove accusation on me and my family as they are completely wrong. 
They just want to keep this 498a case pending so they can presurrise us. 
My family is going in court for every date as we have not taken dowry and we have not anything to her. My wife\'s family also gave this 498a news in local newspaper to malign my families perstige. 
I want my families honour back.  

Victim No. 10 from HOWRAH

Sir,my marriage was solmnised on 22.02.2004 and my baby was born on 24.12.2004.On 22.08.2005,I have put-up my hand on her due to some petty quarrel and she went to her parents home after lodging a GD to the local police station.When police has not taken any action on us,she filed a FIR through SP.But police kept silent.Then she filed a case u/s 498A and 406 of IPC and I have received a summon from distric court for appearence on 07.01.2006.

My wife makes hasty decisions without thinking properly and she is greatly influenced by her mother.In fact she is a puppet of her mother.

The case relates to the following points which are false:-

1.We started torturing her due to birth of a female child.In fact it is a matter of great happiness for us to have a female child as our joint family consists of self,mother,father and a brother and we were so happy that we have celebrated her birth and we have a CD for videography.

2.We have misappropriated the gift she brought.But this was not mention in FIR.

3.We are demanding luxury goods and also this was not mentioned in FIR.

Victim No. 11 from chandigarh

My marriage took place just 15 days ago.Before marriage me and my wife was serving in same city, but upon my selection in my hometown the situation turned out such that I have to go to my home city (about 400miles away).On the first night of our marriage itself, my wife had refused to make any physical contact with me, even she did not allowed me to come nearby her. Moreover she and my in-laws misbehaved during the marriage ceromney. Also right from the first day she was continously talking on her mobile phones especially when I was asleep in nights. On further investigations we had found that she had affair with a person in some other city and they have plan to falsely implicate dowery case. On the 5th day of our marriage me and my wife left for the city where she serves and on the same day I have to return home in order to join the new service.But since then she had not made any contact with me even on phone. Infact her phone number was always busy/ not being able to be contacted. Also, it come to our knowledge that my in-laws had married her forcefully with me, she was infact refusing to marry me. Moreover on the day we left for her city she had threatened me with dowery case with demand of an impossibly big amount, together with falsely proving that I am impotence. I am really worried and confused with advices from different layers. Kindly suggest that merely on evidence of phones can we file a divorce case with adultery and, also before she files a dowery case what steps should I take immediately?Moreover what implication it could have on my Govt.job?

Victim No. 12 from kolkata

1.498A filed after we filed Divorce.
2.Wife has mental Problem. Doc Certificate and Necessary document(Before Marriage) available.
3.Father and me were in custody for 2 days and 17 days respectively.
4. All have bail now.
5. Only verbal alligation of assult and torture. No supporting document.

How much the verbal alligation is going to stand the trial?

Victim No. 13 from Jaipur

False FIR was filed against me and my family memebers( mother, brother, sisters and brother in laws) for 498a and 406.Got bailed from the court. case is before the court. My in laws are stronger than my family. I dont have my father. Mother is old and on bad. My brother is psychiatric patient.

Victim No. 14 from JHARKHAND

They only married for the sake(name) of marriage, the girl(my wife) had already been involved with anyone whom she could/can never forget, and the matter is known by all her relatives. I protested it by saying that she will go there with me and return with me, but my opinion was rejected by them all. Actually, they had preplanning to harrass me, before marriage they went to Police Authorities(Actually one of his relatives is retired Supdt. of Police). Anyhow marriage held. After that they started to harrass me that I must opt transfer to their place and must give salary in her hand.
Within a few days, they came in my Office and complained that I am torturing their daughter, so my half of the salary be sent to them and daughter be sent to them. Again they complained in the Police, I went to them and clearly told my situation, police then sent them back, but by taking an oath from three parties in written, I felt safely. Again after some days they again went to police and complained the same(Those days my wife was with me), police authorities learned the whole idea and told me to compromise me, but I reiterated that she will go with me and will be back with me, they all agreed.
To save my life I thought that If she conceives the matter will be solved. By the grace of Almighty, it happened and she gave birth a baby child in October 2002, Her father came and took her to their residence in December, 2002 saying that she will be sent back in the month of January, 2003, but in vain. I sent my relatives to bring her but she didn\'t came. Again they went to the police authorities that I am not bringing my wife and baby child to my home, then I went to bring but they told that it is not possible as they will submit their daughter to the Police authorities, I came back. Again I came to the police, they told me to wait and go after few days.
I went there to bring my wife and baby child, but in vain.
Again in May 2003 I went to there to bring my wife but again in vain,
but they told scolding me that \'If you go to jail you will come in line\', I complained the matter to the Supdt. of Police there and came back and informed the local Supdt. of Police.
I talked over phone that if she wishes to come, I will go there, but she ignored.
Then on the advice of their ex. legal advisor I filed a case for\'Restitution of Conjugal Rights\', hearing this they filed a case of 498a, 3/4 and 4-5 more cases naming many family members of mine. I got my warrant, went to the Court got the bail of every member , but the District Judge rejected my bail plea. I went to the High Court, from their I got bail without going jail.
In the meantime they told me to withdraw my plea on \'Restitution of Conjugal Rights\' with some \'Gundas\'.
During the case, they again filed \'Maintenance Suit\' and she is getting 2000/-(Rs. two thousand only) per month from my salary since March, 2005.
Now the chargesheet framed and case is going on.

Since December 2002, she is staying there, often she comes my town, even my office(her relative do live here).

I haven\'t seen my baby child since long, I haven\'t tortured her but getting the result of it.

What should I do now, I don\'t know. But I am in full of fear that they will murder me by any means and she will take my service and wealth etc.

Believe me, I have never tortured her nor bitten her, I am puzzled that why is the law so \'BLIND\' ?

I am helpless as i am not a position to think and do \"bus jiye ja raha hun\'. Kindly advise me.

P.S. I haven\'t mentioned many facts due to some reasons.

Please hold me.

Victim No. 15 from United Kindonm

I have two brothers and one sister. She framed my complete family including my mother. My one brother and sister are married. She lived with me not more then 2 months in total. My married brother lives in Hyderabad for last 7 years. He met her only twice. My lawyer fooled us, he just gave money to keep them silent for five months and now again they are creating problem. In first investigation police gave us clean chit, but my in-laws requested re-investigation. Now different police (DSP) is doing investigation and they paid good money to him. We have applied for bail but not got yet.
Can law force me to come back to India? Can they charge my married sister?
Reason why she filed is i denied to go US with her because her sister lives there and her arrogant behaviour.

Please reply soon.

Thanks & Regards

Victim No. 16 from mumbai

this is my friends stroy, he got married 3yrs back , they ere not in good terms bcoz of same thoughts differences . in total 3 yes time she was here only for 3 month. last she left his home last yr. , and last week suddenly poice reached to his palce for 498A arrest. he is behind baz. his family tried hard for bail , but bail got rejected 3 time, as oppo. party has political influence in that area.
we are applying bail in high court.

pls help to point out the effective grounds for bails.
and how to get rid of this problem.

Pls revert back asap.

Victim No. 17 from New Mumbai

My wife has made a false complain against me. Actully she is a already a victim of 498 a which her sister- in-law made against her. Since before marriage she was suffering from dease called as pilo nidal synus she has been operated on. Since last 6 months she is stay with her family and also file a 125 allimony case against me asking for monthly maintains and operating cost. Before registering the case her family member asked 10 lakhs ruppees from me for settlement and if fail to do they will file a compliant. case is been registed i was in police custody for 2 days and later relase on bail. currently i job less. I was not aware before marriage that she has case of 498a against her and the dease she were suffering from.

what should my next step?? Please help me.

Victim No. 18 from New Jersey

This is SM , brother of DM who is a victim of 498a and 334. he is currently in judicial custody from last 12 days.

I am his younger brother living in US and currently single.The entire family has been a victim of the 498a and also a arrest warrant has ben issued on me, my brother, sister who is married , father and mother.

Father , Mother, and Sister got the bail from Hoshangabad - MP , but three times bail appeal has been rejected for my brother.All my family is living in Mumbai and my brothers wife is currently in Hoshangabad with her parents.This is totally a setup and a failse allegations against my family .

Would require your kind help on this and guidance to proceed wit the case.The case is right nowin the appeal mode at High Court in Jabalpur and the court hearing date has not been given yet.

Plaese call me if any one has any info.This 498a act should get a end , so that in future innocent people does not become a victim of the same.


Victim No. 19 from bangalore

I am a victim threat and mental torture. Though my wife and family did not lodge FIR they continously threatened to do so and reap the extracts...though at the end settled for a mutual. It was suppressed at perfect that she was a divorcee and I came to know this at later point of time. Also came to know about the previous history of same type. Can we use this website to submit names and references of such party so that no decent guy is picked up as her next victim??

Victim No. 20 from New Jersey, USA

I migrated to USA in May 2000 and got married in July 2003. I was married happily for two years till 2005. It was an arranged marriage, conducted in Delhi. I got my GC through H1B and wife got her GC through mine as a dependent. We went back to Delhi, India to meet family and in laws in June 2005. My wife picked up a fight after two days in India and called her father for no reason. Her father arrived and was abusive and assaulted me, dislocating my shoulder. My wife left with her father. I was operated upon in Apollo hospital the same day and returned back to US two days later. I filed a case for damages against her father and a case for divorce in Aug 2005. After recieving the notice from court, they filed a false FIR under section 498a against me and my family. At present, my family in India have been granted bail while my wife is trying to negotiate with me. They have filed for maintainance specifying exaggerated amounts for my income and assets and have demanded a large sum for mutual divorce.

Victim No. 21 from USA

A very dear friend of mine is under this case. he has been arrested. I know the whole family very well and being a girl became very close to his wife as friends wife and her family are trying to get money and harrass my poor friend using this law.
how do we deal with this ? does the girl get punished for filing an incorrect case ? is there any support or hope for us ?

Victim No. 22 from UP

1. All these details are not from the victim (husband) hence not necessarily accurate but in all likelihood true. This colleague of mine married about one and a half year back. Same cast marriage (SC).

2. Harnmonius marriage but no issue despite conception more than once. Latest being pre-mature child. The husband had spent lot of time (had taken leave, took good care, spent the money borrowed/ withdrawn from GPF on medical. Later to help her recover, even sent her to parents and brought back.

3. The wife had depression, Under treatment also.

4. Committed sucide (hanging)when husband at office but some others (probably mother and brothers) at home.

5. The husband an engineer and a very decent person, The b-in-laws of this man i.e. the brothers of decesaed are 4 or five.

6. In-laws lodged FIR alleging dowry to be the cause. He and two brothers also were put at police station for several days though arrest not shown. Later prodced in court, remanded. Periodically produced. Already more than 4 months. the autopsy said no signs of struggle before death i.e. no bruises etc.

7. Recently, the in-laws came, broke-open the lock of unattended house (guard only at night) took away things.

8. The apparent motive of in-laws is to loot and exhtort as much as possible rather than any sentimental reasons. The police action may be to put pressure though this man clearly said that he was not interested in the girl\'s belongings at all and was willing to return everything.

9. Knowing this boy personally, I know he wouldn\'t hurt a fly. But in a case like this, law is harsh and insensitive for a long time.

Police refused to lodge FIR about the theft/ dacoity.


Victim No. 23 from Texas

Divorced in the US. She was served with papers in the US.
She was in the US when the divorce was given. She did not
attend the court proceedings - though she was fully aware of
the proceedings. Child custody/ support was not considered
since the child was in India at that time.
She goes to India on vacation and files 498a. And tries
to stop my second marriage. But then I am already married (legally
of course- after obtaining the divorce decree for my previous marriage). She falsely claims that the US divorce was obtained by
fraud, and that decrees given by US court are not applicable to her
since she is Indian(even though residing and working in US and paying taxes in the US)
Now the Indian court has asked her to prove why she thinks the US divorce is obtained by fraud.
As far as 498a is concerned..its at a stage of calling for witnesses.All the witnesses names have been forged. We heard through
reliable sources that the witnesses have refused to co-operate since their names were put without their permission.
She leaves the child with her parents in India and comes back to US from vacation and files for child support in a US court . But the US court throws it out- saying that it cannot do anything when the child is in India.
The interesting thing is that she wants the US jurisdiction
for child support but does not want the US jurisdiciton for divorce!
George Washington and BR Ambedkar should be having a hearty laugh
at a heavenly pub. :)
I informed the US State Department about the abduction. They are advising me on what my possible options are. They are very nice folks.
We have already incurred expenses of about Rs 10,00,000 to keep the cops at bay, attorney expenses etc.
The initial part of 498a was difficult. She had filed rape and assualt false cases against my brothers and the judge at a lower court refused bail to brothers and sister in law. We had to go to
to Highcourt to get bail for my brothers and brother-in-law.

Victim No. 24 from Mumbai

She tries to harras me on legal grounds without any rim or reason.
If I don\'t go according to her she tries to put me down saying she will put behined the bars to my family and me. Tell me what to do ? I\'m very dippresed.

Victim No. 25 from Sydney, Australia

I am an NRI. I would like to draw your kind attention to the extreme abuse of anti-dawry Section 498a of IPC with my case. I am among many of the hundreds of thousands person whose whole innocent family is tortured just on a false complain if the wife is unable to adjust with her husband. The sufferers have to go under harrasment and extreme stress after being held in police lockup and jail without any ground of proof and these people are assumed guitly by law. Is this justice to innocent senior citizen of India? Please go thorogh my what happened to my innocent parents and brother after 14 months of my separation with with my wife.

I hope necessary actions are taken to prevent the misuse of any law. These incidents are now very common and many people are suffering because of such blind laws.

I am working as IT professional in Australia since
last seven years. I completed my education(MCA) in
India and have been in good job since then. I am
currently in Sydney. My parents are living in

I got arranged marriage in India Oct 2001 and
sponsored my wife, Pooja Saxena, to come over to
Australia (on permanent residency visa) to live with
me. We stayed together for eight months and during
that period I found her to be extremely dishonest,
unloyal, unfaithful, a big liar and greedy for money
and it was obvious her intention to marry was just to
come over to Australia and for the money. She had been
asking me to sponsor her brother to Australia as well
and to bear all his expenses on his education and
living. There was no love, commitment though I tried
my best to compromise with the situation and have
excused her on all occasions assuming it may take time
for her to adjust.

We went to India in Oct 2002 and there she tried a lot
of trouble by creating misunderstanding between
brothers, their wives and started stealing jewellery
and cash from home to take it to her mothers place.
Have been talking vulgar about my mother and brother.
Then she was involved in a horrifying crime by
secretly stealing and then destroying the passports of
my younger brother and his wife. They are living in
USA and where also on holidays there. My brother is
working as software engineer in Chicago. She did it
just two days before their departure and my brothers
whole career was in danger as he could not go to USA.
It is a long process to get the new passport issued
and then get visa processing again. It was a mental
torture for all of us.

It was not know where the passport have gone until
three days when the time came for me and my wife to
come to back to Sydney. Our luggage was packed it was
just five hours before our departure when we were
getting ready and I found a trace of torn passport
photo inside the toilet. It took me no time to
understand by her activities that it was her act. I
had to postpone our return to Sydney. I called my
father-in-law and sent her back(Nov 2002). I have all
the proofs with me that she has damaged the passport.

She has tried to torture everyone in the family by her
cruel and criminal acts. I then came back alone to
Sydney in extreme stress. I regretted a lot for
marrying and loving such a cupid girl. She contacted
me many times after that and asked me to call her back
to Sydney. But her intentions were still clear. I can
not live whole life with her.

I am Australian citizen and by the Australian
laws(validated by Indian law as well) I applied for
divorce at the earliest possible date and had sent her
notice on 16 Dec 2003 in Gujarat where she lives. The
notice was received by her.

Later suddenly on 14th Jan 2004, police and lawyer
from Indore came and arrested my aged parents and my
youngest brother who lives in Faridabad and within few
hours took them to Indore . They have to get me as
well but since I am in Australia, they can\'t arrest
me. My wife had filed a false case of torture in dowry
case under section 498A in Indore(Though her residence
is in Unjha, Gujarat). She put a false allegation that
I and my parents and have beaten her many times and
even have tried to burn her for demand of dowry. I or
my parents or any family member have never ever
touched her with any bad intentions. She has accused
this allegation after 14 moths of separation upon
receipt of divorce notice.

She didn\'t even mentioned the fact, the real reason
for what she was sent back to her fathers place.
Rather she said that she came back herself. Though I
have enough proofs for my claims. When my wife had
spend just about initial month or two in whole of our
married life with my parents. Also she had been
separated and staying away for more than a year.

I was extremely shocked. I have nor my parents or
brother have even touched her anytime with any
intention of beating or burning. We are from
respectable family. My father is retired engineer from
Dept of Atomic Energy. My brothers are well settled
and are earning extremely well.

She did such criminal act, still being decent we sent
her back respectfully with her father when we
separated. If we would have been strict, we could even
have got her arrested for destroying passports. But
still we respected her being a women.

It was a brutal torture to my innocent retired aged
parents and my innocent brother. Without any notice
they had to travel from Faridabad to Indore in police
custody for three days a distance of about 900km in
police vehicle. My mother is heart patient and is
under treatment. She was extremely exhausted, It was a
big risk for her. How can police just come and arrest
and torture anyone just on someone\'s fraudulent and
false allegation.

Later my elder brother had to go from Rajasthan to get
them released on bail on 16th Jan after spending one
night in lockup and three days in police custody.

My parents have a very clean and respectful life but
now have to see such a days.
It is big slap on Indian judiciary that they can just
destroy anyone\'s dignity and can prosecute without
trial. There is no respect for senior citizens who
have served the country for the whole life. At the
same time the legal system have a blind faith on
crook, cunning young married women and her parents. I
am feeling dismay. My aged parents and brother have to
suffer who have nothing to do with my wife. My crook
wife and her greedy parents aim is to get me and
extract a lot of money form me.

As a figure in India, almost 90% of such cases are
dismissed by the court after find the case as
malicious, but there is no punishment of making false
allegations. Almost all the divorce ends up in 498A,
where the reality is that dowry is not practiced and
hardly any women are harassed in educated well earning
family in urban area. And of 90% cases the police get
a good excuse to harass any respectable person and
then to discharge them after harassing. Lawyers and
police are making a big money by trapping innocent

In my case
- my wife filed it after delay of 14 month of
separation when serviced from my side with the notice
of divorce
- It was filed at Indore which has nothing to do with
me or her, we have never ever lived together there.
Neither is this her place of residence. Just she has a
influence there. While the law states that the case
has to filed at the place of alleged crime.
- Its a clear case of After Thought done with
malicious intention, which is done to defame us to
negotiation table where she and her greedy father can
blackmail and extract our hardly worked earnings of

Even after all this she was successful to get the
complain lodged at Indore and the police from other
state came and arrested my parents and brother without
permision of local police in Faridabad. Also a copy of
FIR is still not been handed over to us.

In the ongoing crises my aged mother in India was
admitted in hospital with severe cardiac pain and
abnormal blood pressure on 22th Jan\'04 while they have
to arrange lawyers and plan the visit to attend the
next date 29th Jan with a notice of just 7 working
days to be attend in Indore 900km far from our place.
My mothers health is so severs that she is going to be
operated today on 23th Jan. Not attending will weaken
our case. Who is going to look after my mothers and
aged father health?

As I am also the accused in my wife\'s complain, I can
go there in India as the police will arrest me. I am
just helpless.

As such there is no fair judicial or law system in
India. Its against the basic right to live with

Victim No. 26 from Singapore

My wife has made a false complaint in women cell that we are demanding dowry from them. The police has enquired my parents,currently Iam in singapore,and police asked my parents for me to come to india.The lawyers say that no need to come at this point.Your advice please

Victim No. 27 from India

Last year I have an engagement I have taken the taken the marriage certificate on the basis of engagement. There is no such proof of 7 faras. Marriage certificate I have taken without marriage. Then there was a dispute. It was broken

This year I came back there was a dispute with first party. I married with another girl through paper matrimonial and tell them the truth. First party was not having any problem.They rae with us and ready to sat that without marriage we have taken the marriage certificate

I married on 12-12-2005 and on 15-12-2005 my wife slipped from home and on 18-12-2005 she filed FIR against me ,my mother ,father sisters under section 498,498a and 494.
The police arrested me and my father from home rest of fellow escaped.
I remained in custody on remand for 6 days they were demanding 20 lakhs and all dowry articles.
Then they sent us to jail for 7 days after that I have taken my and my father bail. Rest they have taken confirmed bails from outside

Now they are demanding my passport .
I have query
As i lived oversesa and work there
My lawyer say u go back we will fight for others. Because this case may take 2-3 years. My future will be spoiled.They will declare me police offender rest when every body get free then u come back.On the basis of that u can be free and they will try to quash the FIR

Victim No. 28 from Hyderabad

We spent about a week after the wedding. I left for the US and sent her all the relevant papers for her US travel. My wife obtains her dependent visa in September, 2005. Differences and mistrust arose soon afterwards. From then on, there was minimal communication by email and phone. She has been at her parent\'s place ever since I left for the US.

My sister and I had to come to India in December 2005 to see our father who was seriously ill. My in-laws visited the hospital and wanted to discuss my marital issue. I told them that it was an inappropriate time/place to discuss the issue and that I would talk to them when I was in a better state of mind (than when dealing with a family crisis).

28 December 2005 - despite our father\'s critical condition, we invited my in-laws to begin some communication. They file an FIR under IPC 498A before coming to meet us. We (my sister and I) were taken to the police station under the guise of \"counselling\". We were held up in police custody without being informed about the charges. We were not aware of the FIR and arrest until the next morning.

29 December 2005 - our father passes away in the hospital. We were presented before the magistrate in the afternoon. We were able to obtain a bail but by the time we were able to get out our father\'s body was already being cremated.

The bail order required me to submit my passport by 12 January 2006.

12 January 2006 - I submitted my passport in the magistrate\'s court.

Victim No. 29 from Gurgaon (Haryana)

Wife suffering from Hepatitus B taken on Rly Reservation to her parents at kashipur(Uttaranchal) for treatment by their Homeopath Physician who admitted her to his Nursing home against will of husband. Their only child, a daughter, then 2.1/2 yrs old brought back by father to Gurgaon (her home) after staying with her at Nursing home for more than a week. Wife\'s father, same day, get FIR written under sec.498a, 3/4 at Kashipur. No action taken by police for about 1.1/2 years. A few months after this FIR, wife, who had remained at Kashipur, submits divorce petition, alleging dowry harassment, that she had been turned out of the house with child. The date for this alleged act is the same as when husband took her to Kashipur for treatment. She further alleges that she was beaten, not treated for her ailment, was never told she had Hepatitus B, and it was only on reaching Kashipur that she found this out. As proof of this, she has submitted an inland letter. The letter is datelined Gurgaon, (Haryana), but the rubber stamp on the face of this inland letter where the postal stamp is affixed, is of kashiur, and is a money order stamp, and not a postal stamp. regarding the beatings, she has submitted medical report of the same homeopath which says that she had beating marks all over the body and was in trauma. The date of her examination and admission for treatment in nursing home is admitted as one day after she reached Kashipur. She has also alledged that husband did not contact her after turning her out of the house.

The Husband has submitted copy of Railway reservation certificate by which he took her to kashipur, various medical papers, including bill of Apollo hospital etc., and PCO bills of 55 calls made to her and 5 sets of Toll Tax receipts for visits to her by car.

over two years passed and the daughter, now four and a half yrs old, remained with father and she has not been claimed by the mother. No action has been taken by the police against the FIR u/s 498a, 3/4 etc.
Wife submits to police that no action should be taken against this FIR, and the police closes the case. But she goes to court, and gets this FIR activitated after a couple of months. In the meantime, she wins the case for Divorce. She also launches a case u/s 406.

Husband, because he has just heard of the case u/s 498a etc., files appeal in Uttaranchal High Court, Nainital, against divorce case. In meantime, warrtants of arrest arrive at Gurgaon u/s 406, and also 498a (a few days apart) quite a few times. Husband gets stay of 406, and also of 498a etc. and learns that wife\'s lawyer is Chairman of Uttaranchal Advocates Association. Wife\'s father is a lawyer who is very poor and a Nortary, (wife is M.Sc. maths). It is not understood as to how she can hire such an eminent Advocate. Whilest giving the stay u/s 498a etc. High Court Judge remarks that 498a is being gtrossly misused in many districts of Uttaranchal (names the districts) cites a case where High Court has recommended setting up of marriage recociliation cell, and sets a date for the cell to try and reconcile the parties. This fails. The High Court is presently on vacation, and wil open in Feb.

The problem with me is because the documents in the divorce case are very strongly in favour of husband, seeing the great resource of wife, the file may not get lost/misplaced and be not treaceable. What to do for this.



Victim No. 30 from London, UK

I am British citizen based in the UK. The wedding was registered on 21st December 2000 (for visa purposes!) and social (traditional) ceremony held on 26th August 2001 (signed religious documents).

My relatives and have been falsely accused under 498A in India. The case (FIR/Her statement) has been filed under 498A & 34 IPC into the Indian Court whilst she was in India. When allegations were made to the police I was premanently living in the UK. The charge Sheet has submitted to the Court stating that the 1st accused has absconded and the police requested to the court the immedaite issuing of the arrest warrent for my arrest.

I have submiited document evidence showing the serious nature of false and malicous allegations made under 498A to British and Indian authorities. as the result, the India police (Kerala) has instigated into the false 498A and the investigation is currently in progress.

Upen her to the UK (April 2005), she has filed for a divorce in the UK court. The divorce doesn\'t mention of dowry extortion as per 498A.

The divorce submitted to the UK divorce is with reference to registered wedding (21st December 2000). I have agreed to the divorce upon legal advice with the divorce. The UK courts has pronounced decree nisi recently. After 6 weeks and a day the petitioner (ie my estranged wife) has to put application into the UK court asking for Decree absolute (ie the divorce can be made final and the marriage ends).

How I can make the UK divorce valid in India as she was applied it in the UK? How best to go about doing this? I got a feeling that my Ex (or her family) might submitted another divorce application in India (ie for maintence etc) using the social ceremony. What the procedure that this doesn\'t happen? Can anyone advise, please?

Email me back.

Victim No. 31 from THANE, MUMBAI

wife left my house by stiling valuables with threats to indulge in in false case on 29.04.2005, i filled an n.c. immediately,exchange of many legal noticces, no word of doweryor harassment in her reply, on 26.03.2005 gave me a threat again on phone, i informed the police she might come and get herself hert to indulge me in false case. on 01.04.2005 she came made a drama in front of my house, filed a complaint u/s. 4978 (A) ,223,236,406 & 506 r/w 34. Fir supported by not a single document or evidence, police report is not supported by any evidence or any findings out of investigation. case is running in Tahne Court, she never attended on any date. now filled case u/s. 125 at FAmily Court, Nagpur.

Victim No. 32 from india,AndhraPradesh.,Nellore

I had cheated by my wife\'s parents that they are not informed me about their duather\'s illegal sex affaires with others,after marrage in first week I found that i want to divorce her by giveng talaq.but they are blackmailing me by 498a demanding lakhs of mony .Iam govt employ.soplease help me.

Victim No. 33 from Australia

Hi All!

I got married in February 1998 with my maternal uncle\'s daughter. I am from Andhra and she is from Maharashtra. Immediately after my marriage I went to Malaysia because of my job. She joined my after few months. We got a child and now he is around 5 yrs old. When she was with me in Malaysia she always used to take lot of money and used to send to her parents without my knowledge. My uncle had taken a loan of around 3 lakhs from me in various occasions when she was with me. But I have only few receipts of around 1.5lakh as it happened few years back.

My wife always used to suspect me and made several insults in front of my colleagues and friends. Whenever I come to India for few days also she always used to insist to take either separate house or stay outside for staying rather than at my home. She used to insult my parents and my sisters when they met me or I was with them. One time when I came to India and I forcibly brought her my home to stay for few days, her parents came to my house and created lot of fuss, shouted at my parents & me and insulted in front of my relatives & friends. I couldn\'t bear this and tried to commit suicide. Somehow I got survived and I came to home. As soon I reached home they started shouting again and took her daughter along with them. This incident happened in October 2003. I tried to mediate with them through some elders of my community but they refused to send their daughter and they insulted the elders whom we sent to them.

I fed up all this and then applied for divorce on mentally cruelty grounds in Oct 2003 itself and left India. As their place is near to Mumbai (not Mumbai, a small town 100 km away from Mumbai) they applied for change of court in Supreme Court. In the mean they filed a petition for maintenance at their place, but I didn\'t challenge it. The Supreme Court gave the order to change case to Thane, Maharashtra family court. This happened in early 2004. Since the case came to Thane court nothing progressed. Since I applied for divorce I had been trying through mediators to settle the issue and get the divorce mutually. But they never cooperated and everything went vain of all my efforts.

In Nov 2004, my sister (unmarried) passed away because of some health problem. By seeing this my mother went to coma. I then came to India immediately and admitted her in hospital on the same night without attending my sisterís funeral. My mother went on coma for 3 days. I was in hospital for 14 days with my mother. While in the hospital none from their side came (my uncle is my motherís own brother and they got to know the news on the same day it happened). I even tried one time for negotiation with the through mediators while I was in hospital. But again I was failed. Immediately after my mother discharged (the next day it self), I left India.

In the early 2005 I have got Australian Permanent Resident and I moved to Australia. Since then I kept on sending the maintenance allowance to her from Australia. But they refused to take. In the mean I applied for divorce from Australia itself and I have got divorce from Australian Court in November 2005. By seeing my divorce petition my wife file a false case, 498A against me and my parents in Nov 2005. The Maharashtra Police came in the mid of the night and arrested my father. They tried to arrest my mother but seeing her health condition (she is quite old and can\'t even walk properly). My father spent one week in the police station. In the one-week the Police again to my place (from Maharashtra to Andhra) brought my father to my home one more time for taking their things from my home(They took lots of things even I bought for my home also like TV, fridge, Washing Machine, etc.,). The Police even tried to took the money from my NRI account and locker (my wife knows well about my savings in my NRI account and locker). But the bank Manager refused to handover to Police as they didnít have court orders. I engaged one lawyer who resides in Mumbai (took lot of money but did nothing much, as we don\'t know any body in Mumbai/Maharashtra). After a week my father came out on bail. I engaged one more local lawyer again there it self as my lawyer couldnít show much interest again (I feel he might have joined with them). Since then my father attended one time for hearing. We again started negotiating with them again. This time they sent a mediator to us and told a huge amount for mutual agreement. I spent most of my savings for my family, their family and to Lawyers. Now the amount they asked which I simply canít give as it is impossible for me.

Yester day I heard from my lawyer that they filed a petition in Maharashtra court to Passport Office, Hyderabad to cancel my Passport, so that I can come to India. Now I want to seek help/guide from you all in this matter. I have few queries in this case.
1. Is it legal to file a 498A case against my parents and me when the case is running/pending in Thane, Maharashtra Court?
2. Is it possible to cancel my passport from Passport authorities, Hyderabad for this kind of cases as I neither a Terrorist nor cheated to any.
3. Is it possible that any international Police arrest me if I travel from Australia to any country at any international or Australian Airport? Why I am asking this is I have just come to Malaysia two days back on my job for 1 week trip.
4. Is there any possibility there that I can challenge this in any Indian Court (either in local Maharashtra or Thane Court or Supreme Court)? Can anyone give good lawyer details regarding this issue.
5. Can anyone email me that they knew some people in Passport Office, Hyderabad?
As I just want to know that what the authorities can do?
6. I heard somewhere that if the marriage happened over 7 yrs means, no one can file a 498A case (As I married more than 7 yrs)? Is it correct?

Ever since I married and even I got the divorce from Australian Court also I am still mentally getting tortured. So my dear friends pls help me in this regard as I am very frustrated now. I need your advice, suggestions. I canít trust anyone in India except you all as you are like me.

Thanks you all for considering this matter.


Victim No. 34 from hyderabad

moved from another city with my wife to stay with my parents after father got operated for heart ailment. she stayed with me and my parents for 11 days and then went to her home in the same town(hyderabad). and when i did not attend my BIL\'s Engement ceremony she fought with me and did not return to home. and after some 45 dyas she consumed some 20 pills of avil. and then filed a case which eventually became 498a, but since i had some copies of her threatns of suicide nad other SMS copies sent as threatns to me got the Bail after surrnedring in the court.

Victim No. 35 from Coimbatore

I am basically a qualified CA & ICWA and was in a decent job.V both r divorcees and marriage took place in a very very simple manner and I did not make any demand and she has come with two suitcase dresses and her personnal belongings.she already received a life time alimony of Rs. 150000 from her first husband.She has as soon as her arrival felt she could not fit in our deciplined culture.I have got only one brother who is BE graduate working for Indian Airlines and my father who is an ACMA is no more and passed away during 1996.Due to incompatibility she left out house on 24.02.2004 and took all her belongings on 06.06.2004. I gave a lawyer notice for divorce for which she never replied.She created some aweful scene before our house and I went for divorce again.After seeing the summon from the court, she came to our house on 05.09.2004 and 06.09.2004 and took some photographs and published in the media in the name of \"Hunger Strike\" to restore her family life whereas she never any petition in the Family court for Restition of Conjugal Rights for which she was not interested also.On the same day ie 06.06.04 she gave a complaint in the POlice Station saying that I drove her out for Rs.50000 demand of dowry and FIR was made on 09.09.2004.She had given so many allegations in her complaint but Police has registered only one section ie 498A of IPC since it is the constituional right of the ladies to give such a complaint.I was behind the bars for six days and with that I lost my job also.Subsequently I filed a case for Defamation on that family for a plot of publishing some defamatory news aganist me before going for the Police case or court. The court has ordered to register the FIR aganist all of them and now it will be done with in a day or two.The 498A case also will be over within a monthe or two since most the Prosecution Witness are examined and cross also over. The independant third party eye witness gave deposition aganist the girl only. Now Divorce case also pending and she has filed a petition for Interim Alimony and now for that adjournments are going on.

Victim No. 36 from Delhi

Dear All, Please note though i got a registered marriage done in sept 2002 at Delhi courts for the purpose of having a joint name in a property loan so that she can avail of the ITR benifits applicable. But it was decided between the families that both of us will have a social marriage after some time and we will stay together thereafter. However things did not materialise and we never got married socially and never stayed together as husband n wife ever. Now when it was discussed that we better get this marriage clear through mutual divorce first they agreed but later as the property has appreciated in the meantime it seems they are getting greedy and asking for unreasonable interest and even may be eying my property.
Keeping in view the developments i fear that to demand share in property they may try all these cheap tricks to harress and get share in property and try and lodge false complain now U/S 498a etc.
We have never stayed together so far but the house is in joint name and i want to get her name removed from the property. Please advise is there any preemtive way i can adopt before they try any stupid act. Is there a way one can get a anticipatory bail in such a case to avoid any stupid act they may try and do. Please advise with any contact nos. Thanking you/ Regards

Victim No. 37 from mohali ,punjab

my wife threatens me that she will file a case against me nd my family.
we tried to settle things either way(divorce or settlement) by both families sitting together but this lead to heated arguements nd my wifes brother threatend to kill me .my parents got really scared by this.
my wife wants to go abroad but i dont as i m the only son ,my dad is senior class one gazzated officer ,i cant leave my prnts alone in india.
I have already given a letter in local women cell stating the facts that i anticipate a false case against me by my wife
what else can i do to safeguard myself nd my prnts who r really disturbed.

Victim No. 38 from London

Dear Sir/Madam,

I came to UK on a husband visa as my wife is a British citizen.Now, one day I abused (verbally) her over the phone under thre influence of liquor. The things I said were recorded in her cell-phone (voice mail). Now, next day she went to police and complained of mental harrassment. Police officer issued me a warning and they advised my wife to leave me for some days and stay somewhere else. Its been 20 days we are staying separately. But now, she doesn\'t want to come back and she is asking for 10lakh rupees from my brother, who is settled in US. Also, she has filed for judicial separation in court. But now, her father is threatening with the dowry harrassment case if we don\'t pay up the money. I am really confused and don\'t know what to do as I am here in UK and also I am very concerned for the safety of my family-members back home in India. Please advise me what to do???

Thanks in advance.


Victim No. 39 from kurukshetra - haryana

all false case. police and judiciary machinary also helping the girl. her uncle is ADA in Karnal Court, where the case is filed. the FIR has been changed four times. magisterate has not done anything but giving dates after dates, thereby delaying the verdict. we hav filed for revision, but have no hope, only because of her ADA uncle. please suggest

Victim No. 40 from London

My wife is british citizen. Can she file a 498a against me???I am an Indian citizen.

Victim No. 41 from CANADA

1. A court marriage was done (The marriage was a love marriage). No ceremony was carried out just a court marriage in the local court in Dehradun.

2. I flew back to Canada 6 days later.

3. I put in an application for her immigration under the spousal family class sponsorship scheme. Subsequently, I was in touch through phone, mail and email etc.

4. Her immigration was granted. All this time prior to and post marriage she stayed in Dehradun with her parents.

5. I flew back to India in Dec 2002 for the wedding with the families.

6. We both flew to Toronto on Dec 16 2002. She became a Permanent Resident of Canada on Dec16 2002.

7. She flew back to India in March 2003, as she wanted to visit her family. Stayed there for approx three months.

8. She arrived back in Canada June 2003. I got her enrolled in a Human resource Management program at Seneca college full time starting Sep 2003.The course finished in APRIL 2004. Right about this time there were issues between us with regard to settling in Canada and the weather etc, wherein she did not want to stay so far way from her parents.

9. Her sister came to visit in April 2004 and she went back to India in May 2004 with her sister.

10. At this time her father was diagnosed with tongue cancer.

11. I went to India for 4 weeks in August 2004, stayed in Bombay for her fatherís surgery.

12. She came back to Canada in Dec 2004.

13. Right after this trip she started insisting that I move back to India and in the vicinity of Dehradun and would not reason otherwise, primarily due to her Fathers health. This was supplemented with the same from her parents. It seemed only logical to me that having a quit one career already that we spend some time to stabilize our lives in this country first and then move forward.

14. After all else failed, on her insistence to live separately for a while, I moved out to another location in Dec 2004 and she started living alone in an attempt to give us both some time to think through the situation. I used to see her for financial responsibilities only (since she was not earning); I was now supporting the apartment where she was living and also my own set up. I had already tried all possible means to reason and her reason was clear, that she did not want to live with me anymore.

15. She was not earning any money throughout this while and I was supporting all her needs. I paid for all her trips to India and her expenses too.

16. She went back to India in March 2005 to visit her family again. (I paid for this ticket as well)

17. She stayed in India for approx 2 1/2 months and came back in late May 2005.

18. She took up a job on commission basis (as a HR consultant) in June 2005 but did not earn any money, for the next few weeks.

19. June 2005 my parents came to visit us, and she met them only for very short periods. She continued to live in my old appartment whereas my parents stayed mostly with my uncle and for a few days with me.
20. It had now been an year out of which she had spent 6 months in India and we were not living together even in Canada for the subsequent 6 months.

21. Around the end of July she then made it very clear to me that she could not live with me at any cost and wanted to end the relationship.

22. I initiated a divorce proceeding in Canada on Aug 06 2005 after discussing the issue with her.

23. She was served a court notice/order for the same on Aug 12 2005 by a third party and she by that time had spoken to her parents and made it clear to them as well that she did not want to live with me at all.

24. She packed everything she had in Toronto and went back to India on Aug 14 2005. She took with her all valuables, jewelry etc that she had received during the marriage from my parents and insisted on a one-way ticket, which once again I bought for her.

25. She did not respond to any further court proceedings or to the notice served; her reply was that she did not care anymore and did not want to live with me and from her standpoint the relationship was over long ago.

26. An order was issued by the court on Sep 21 2005.

27. Since no action was forwarded in the court the court gave a final verdict on Oct 22 2005 for a Divorce.

28. Upon finding this out from the court I spoke to her father and, he assured me on the phone that whatever I feel is right for both the families, I should do, and they will support all decisions and if the courts etc can be avoided in India it will be better for both the families.

29. I mailed out a final Divorce certificate to her Father on Dec 12 2005.

30. On Dec14 I received a threat call from one of her uncles, saying that they have the capability to get me kidnapped or killed.

31. She filed a FIR (First Information Report) complaint in a dowry case against me, and my parents on Dec 29 2005 implicating us for harassment and other fraudulent charges.

32. My parents were arrested and put in jail on Dec 30 2005.

33. This whole sequence was planned around the New Year, as a result all courts were closed and it was impossible to get a bail.

34. After about 5 days of battling the police and her family my mother finally got bail.

35. Somehow the bail application for my father went missing from the file and we were only able to get the bail two days later.

36. I received a second threat call form the same person, now warning me that this was my second and final warning and if my parents can be arrested without even being involved , I can be harmed easily too.

Victim No. 42 from Jakarta,Indonesia

Dear Sir,

I am working in Jakarta and I would like you to help me in a false dowry case(498A)against me and my family by my wife.I want a speedy divorce from my wife also. Herewith I am writing few details about my case....
I was married on 7th April\'04 in Meerut but soon after my marriage
I got serious diffrences with my wife when I came to know about her affair with one guy. I got first notice from my wife on 10th November\'04 falsely alleging my parents that they had beaten her infront of me at my residence in Aligarh and she is undergoing treatment at her residence in Agra.
I sent her notice countering her false allegations and refused to call her back because of her voilent, arrogent attitude and cheating nature and came back to Jakarta on 15th November,2004.
On 30th November she lodged complaint against my family accusing us about dowry demands and harrasment.and police arrested my parents on 24th December,2004. Now she has filed case in Agra family court saying we tried to even kill her for dowry. Can I file for mental harrasement case bcoz she was very well taken care by me during her
stay in Jakarta(14 June- 19 September) I spent lot of money on her.
I sent to her ICICI,Meerut account USD$1000/- in June\'04 from Jakarta and hosted my wedding reception in a 5-star hotel in Jakarta.My family has tried to persuade her family through many people for mutual divorce but they are asking huge amout of Rs 50 Lakhs. So I am left with one sided divorce option and I don\'t want to meet any of her family\'s crazy demands.

Please let me know if you could help me out.

Warm Regards,

Victim No. 43 from faridabad (India)

Married on 30-09-1998. Filed Divorce U/S 13 HMA Dated 16-09-2003 under cruelty and desertion. Case is pending for next hearing on 22-02-2006. Received summon from HISAR CAW on 9-01-2006 to be appear on 11-01-2006. After going there came to know that my wife has complained against me u/S 498A. They called me again today 27-01-2006 as my wife was not present on 11-01-2006 and their parents were present. Today i did not went there for reconcillation.

Tell me what next to be done.

Victim No. 44 from Lucknow(Currently London)

I am working as a Software Engineer in a reputed firm in Banglore. Currently I am working in London on deputation and my wife and kid are also along with me. My father is an illetrate personn and working as peon in BSNL Lucknow. My mother is also a Central govt employee and working in Census lucknow. I got married on 1-Dec-2001. Since day 1 of my marraige my Inlaws started ignoring me and my parents.My father Inlaw said that he can not give repect to my father as my father is a class 4 employee. My wife too started sharing every trivial and non trivial things with his family. I was ignoring the things thinking one day every thing will become all right. But when things started becoming worse and I opposed then one day my Inlaws along with their 2 other relatives (one of them is in police and other ia an advocate) came to our house and abused my parents and tried to manhandle them and gave us the threat of the dowry. They shouted on us on the road and created a big drama in front of our house. MY wife didn\'t speak even a single word against them. Whenever I used to speak with her on this issue, she remains mum and says all this is happening because of my parents and me. I stopped speaking to my Inlaws and asked them not to interfere in my life. But they said that no body can stop them from speaking to their daughter and again gave the threat of dowry. Even after that many times they threatened my parents. Then my parents lodged 2 FIRs against my Inlaws and their relatives, but no action was taken against them. After some time I was supposed to come to London but my wife refused to come along with me. Then a filed a case against her and told her about the case. On hearing that she came along with me. After that every thing was alright and I had with drawn the case against her. But one day I came to know from my office that my Inlaws have send a legal notice to my office saying that I am torturing my wife for dowry and I am not allowing her to contact with them . Also they put the allegation that probably I have murdered my wife and my son and that the Comapany should provide all the details like when I went to London, whether my family also came along with me etc. They also alleged in the notice that I am a person of criminal nature. They were fully aware that I am in London and they were having all my contact details like email Id, phone numbers etc but they never tried to contact me and instead sent a legal notice. They also demanded in the notice that if Company refuses to give my details then they will file a criminal case against the Company too. This whole exercise was done purposly to defame me. Now I am so much depressed and humiliated that I am not able to go to my office also, as every one is asking me about that and every one looks at me as I am the culprit.

Please suggest me what shall I do . Also
(1) Can a file a complaint against my Inlwas in the NHRC ? Will they entertain my complaint? Will they consider it as a voilation of my and my family\'s human rights?
(2)How can I save my parenst as both are Central Govt Employee ?
(3)Can I file a demation case against my Inlaws and their relatives,as an FIRwas already lodged against them. Also I am unable to consantrate on my work due to this. Can this also be one reason to file the defamation case.
(4)Since my father Inlaw and Mother Inlaw both are UP Govt employee, can I take any action against them. My fatherin law is in PWD and mother Inlaw is in education department of UP Government.
(5)Can I write a letter about this to State NHRC, SP Police(Lucknow), Indian Embassy London, Home Minister UP, PWD Minster UP, Education Minister UP? Will this help me ?

Request you to please guide me as my Parents are very much worried and tensed and I am unable to understand what to do as my Wife is silent on the whole issue and by remaining mum she is also with them .

thanks & regards

Victim No. 45 from Canada

I am in Canada, as I work here. I got married in India, on 20th Dec 2005, I came back to Canada on Jan 2005. My wife came here in May 2005. A month later she started threatening me of going back to India, and called her parents and put false dowry allegations on me. When I asked her, she said she didnot say that. But later on, she took to very very bad state, On 12th of July,2005 she asked me for money, for divorce I asked her how much, she said she has to ask her parents, and said they r expecting me to clear up their debts.
On 17th July she called police when i was in deep sleep, adn went off with them and then bac to India. She filed a 498A case against me, and didnot even inform me for 6 months, the case in Court now there has already 4-5 hearing and I am not even aware of any.
On 25th Dec 2005, my mother died, she took advantage of that, and got an arrest warrnat issued against me in India. My next court hearing is on 20th March I am cluesless on what to do.. Pls help me..

Victim No. 46 from Mumbai

My wife is insisting on getting seperate out from my parents(have email as prof for the same)My parents are in late 70\'s and morever my Daddy is Heart patient she is at her parents from last 3 months.i fear she will file flase case of 498A.What precautionery measure do i take.

Victim No. 47 from San Francisco, USA

Dear Friends,

I have been member of this group for last 6 months.
I am victim of child marriage. During 15 yrs of marriage I hardly stayed with her, as I was busy out for studies. Because of incompatibility/dispute, I wanted not to continue with her. This made my in-laws file for false 498A against brothers, my parents and me. I was arrested for a day and had to sign a bond of compromise to stay with her. Then we stayed 5 months together. I was staying with her because she blackmailed me after the threat of 498A. She used to threat me that she will commit suicide everyday. Now I am abroad for last 3 months and she is in India.

She want me to come back and stay with her and continue torturing me and do whatever she wants by threatening me for 498A again and again.
There are at least 1000 people against my family and me. They have outcast my family from the trade community over there.
She has publicly alleged my brothers of many things and wants to send everyone behind the bar.

Many people are helping in that false 498A effort and they have made it a political issue So couple of local MLA/Ex-MLA/MP are also involved. Nobody even bother to know what allegation she made.
In latest development, they said they will call me back and force me to stay with her.

I want to know how they can get me deport back to India?

Thanks in advance,

Victim No. 48 from delhi

false case was registered u/S 498-A, after mutual divorce first motion. in which she clearly declare on oath that she will not file any case in any court. All settlement has been made all dowry articles istridhan given all alimoney past present future given. She and her father demanded more money for second motion. I declined then she took this step and falsly regirsted the case of 498-A after first motion. Police sent cancellation report to Magistrate. She again protested and Magistrate order for re-investigation. She is blackmailing me. there are other highlighted matter of mine in delhi high court.

Victim No. 49 from hyderabad

Case presently in court. Examination of the first three witness to be on 14/2/06. they are father, mother and her self. Other witnesses in the case are her own relatives but they have tried to negotiate in vain. They willing to dispose the facts that we have not taken any dowry and there was no harrasment. It has been more than two years that we have stayed together, how can there be harrasment?
I have finished my M.D in Internal Medicine and have been practicing in Hyderabad. I was arrested by the police in the hospital, and the girls side have bribed the SI.
There was no formal enquiry into the case. Being a doctor i was humiliated by the way they arrested me and sent me to remand for 2 days. I am confident of the case. These people need some punishment so that it is not repeated by others. I want to sue this people. can u help me.

Victim No. 50 from baltimore

Hi. First of all, thanks for providing this resource for people like me. I am a graduate student in the US on the F-1 visa. I got married two years back due to pressure from my family. I tried to cope but my wife and we are not compatible and now I realize I will be never happy with her. Even though I have been married for 2 years I have also lived with my wife for only two months during the time in which I was in India. I did not have any physical relationship with my wife in past two years. I do not even have the marriage registered. Few weeks back, when I was in India, I told my wife\'s father that I am not happy in this marriage and I want to separate. At that time he was fine but now he has warned me that my whole family will have to bear the consequences if I thought about the divorce. I am very afraid and I am not sure what is the way forward. Only thing I know is that I do not want to stay in this marriage. I want to know, what are the legal steps I should take so that my family does not have to suffer under the false charges. Please recommend any lawyer in baltimore area or in Jodhpur/Jaipur where my family lives.

Thanks so much. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Victim No. 51 from bangalore

she wanted to go for seperately, but i didn\'t so she stayed with her mother and pressured me one fine stage i agreed but asked for agreement for confidence i rejected that so she removed mangalsutra and went, so i filed a divorce case, she went to the local station to file a complaint further details not known.

Victim No. 52 from india

i am living with my wife, since last 8 months, but when any member of my family (brother, mother) visit my place, my wife has tried to stab my brother with knife in presence of my mother, she is very cruel keeps my salary debit card with herself and i do not have any money even to traval to my office, i have to walk, almost everyday, my wife thretens me of filing a case against me in police as she suspects that i had spoken to my family members over phone.

Victim No. 53 from US

My wife filed false cases of 498a & 406 against me and my family. Now we are at the stage of getting demands from wife for mutual divorce.

Victim No. 54 from Gurgaon

The case is in Uttaranchal High Court. Since all that she has alleged is proveably false, I am hopeful to get favourable verdicts. But it appears the girls family is EXTREMELY powerful in Uttaranchal. I am therefore looking into filing a case under 23A HMA and would like to know from where I can get some case histories under this section. Thanks. Jan

Victim No. 55 from california

My friend is a US citizen(of Indian origin). He lives in the US. He made a trip to India and married a woman in Kerala in July after a short aquaintance. He came back to the US. He realized that the marriage was done hastily and would not work out so he withdrew her US visa application and told her he would like to divorce amicably. He plans to file for a divorce in the US since he resides in the US.

She is living at his mother\'s residence. Since he told her of his intentions she has threatened to harm herself and others, but has not done so yet. She is also accusing him of untrue, scandulous behavior when he was in India to marry her. She has been telling lies about all of his family as well.

Given that she does not want the inevitable divorce, we feel she may try to ask for a large sum of money or file an unjust complaint against him or his family. Given that he lives in India, it is not clear where he would stand if she files any case against him or how he would protect himself.

We are just trying to get any information to help him since we are not familiar with what may happen from here.

Victim No. 56 from Hyderabad/mumbai

Got married in april 2001. She is mentally not sound (though i cant prove it)hates my parents and has desserted me 3 times. We lived together for a very limited period. Last time she left my house was in 2003 june. Filed a 498a case againest my faimly in oct 05 and a patch up in the police station was done. she came to live with my parents and started thretening them. When we went back to the mediators of the patch up for justice the expressed the inability and now she is not willing to quit my parents house and not willing to give divorce. As the case was not closed i filed for anticipatory bail for all the family members and currently absconding. how do i go about now? can i file a divorce case? she being putup in my parents house can i file a divorce case? please help.

Victim No. 57 from Jalandhar

dear sir/madam.

i m living with my parents in rented house in jalandhar.i was married in feb 2000 and we have a son but from the early stages of marriage till date my wife is not ready to accept my house and parents and is total out of control.we have never demanded or expected even a single rupee coin from my day my wife without telling any one ran away to her parents house and stayed there for eight my inlaws came with 50persons and insulted me and said we are going to frame a case anainst you peole and will put you in jail. i m very much disturbed. i want divorce from my wife kindly help me


Victim No. 58 from USA

I arranged my brother\'s marriage thru with a Indian origin british citizen(by birth).
Their marriage has broken down and girl wants me to pay 10 lakh rs for marriage expenses and I know she did not spend so much and also
it was a dowry less marriage.
She has filed for judicial separation in UK but threatening me to pay 10 lakh as my brother cannot afford it.

so she wants quick divorce in UK marriage was held in bombay and wants to file 498 a in India.

I am still trying to talk to her and she is talking to me,I have asked her couple of time to give detail of 10 lakh expenses but she is not forthcoming.
I have recorded all the conversation between her and me.But I am worried as how to avoid 498 a and settle everything peacefully.

She might file 498 a in bombay as her parents live there and we are from UP.

What are my options :

1.I live in USA..where should I apply for anticipatory bail for myself and my mother who lives in UP.I have two more brothers who live in India.

2.Any good lawyer who can hel me out to file Anticipatroy bail(ab).What documents are required for bail.

3.After AB,do I have to go to India to appear in court or my lawyer can handle everything.

4.I want to file a blakmailing charge against her in UK if she files 498A in India as I have emails where she has threatened me indirectly.

5.I think she will not file for 498 a until her divorce is finalized in UK which takes 2-3 months.

6.I never asked for any dowry and spend my money for all expenses
and not took even single peeny from them.But she wants 10 lakh from me.

Please let me know my options.


Victim No. 59 from Kolkata

Filed a false 498a, 406 IPC against me with help of her father at PS ,DumDum.Now she is interested to sattlement.But we are very much rigid for true justice.In her FIR she register false allegation which is very much hard to stand.I also take advice from a good Bar At Law.He is my Lawyer in that case.I need you help & Kind Advice.
Thanking you.
With Regadrs

Victim No. 60 from Mumbai, mahashtra

There intention to harrase us is not fulfilled as we take shown that we took the case very lightly. Now they realised that the case will take much longer, as till date all the acused has not been summoned yet. They do not having thet much finacial position to carry on the case. Hence they coming foward for settlement. We are also ready for settlement, but afraid that after getting money and divorce the case may go on. They have filed the case as a private case, and my lawyer telling me that private case is compoundable, but still i cant belive. Her lawyer is ****erd and known for harssing and extorting monney from other party. Please tell me
1)what procedure should be followed so that the case will be closed permantly and they shuold be unable to file any further case agaimst us.
2) Whether the case is simply closed after divorce?
3)Shall we hand over the settlement amount just at the the time of the application for withdrawl of case or shall wait for courts decree regarding clousure of case?
Thanking you.

Victim No. 61 from US

Dear sir/madam

My name is AC.I am presently staying in US.My brother/mother have been taken into judicial custody for dowry harresement .I have so much details.I need to know what options i have to get them out.This is basically a vengence between my brother and his wife and she has decided to torture the whole family.The marrige is not working out between them.Any advise by you will be very greatfull.

Thank you

Victim No. 62 from Patna

well we as in my parents,myself & my sister( who is not in India) had recieved the letter from a womens organisation from patna which my father did not accept....but i got to know she had threathen to call us all to patna...from her husband ie my brother..i need to know what do to in such a case my parents r senior citizens & my brothers wife had left home in the 1st week of september with her children & her brother came & took her to patna...i also got to know this as i teach in the same school my niece used to study.. my parents were not told at all... My brother & his family have been staying separate fo some years thats since they have returned from paris . well i really dont know what to say i dont even know abt the letter sent from the womens organisation but since she has been threatheing my brother do teach us a lesson this is all i can say..pls help & guide as i dont know what to do & cant even make my parents understand the situation i can answer the questions u send me or can even call i havent given u my telephone no as i dont want to let my parents know as they think since she was not staying with us & they havent done anything they have nothing to fear & god iis there for them????

Victim No. 63 from bangalore

Wife\'s family wants to cut off the husband\'s relatives.Wife is extremely arrogant and threatens police action if her every demand is not met with.Doesn\'t want inlaws to visit them even for two days.Husband and inlaws are respectable and well to do families.Common refrain-If you die, I will live happily with all your money.Now the husband is not willing to live with her alone -doesn\'t trust her.He wants to return all the jewellery they had given and keep only what he and his family had given-more than 35 sov of gold.How to do it in aproper way?

Victim No. 64 from a

well i did write earlier..the thing is i know my brother has got a phone call & the people from the womens org did speak to him,,, from what i have been told its abt mental &physical harasment my parents r senior citizens & we didnt even know when she left home with the kids.. my bro did not tell us abt it untill i got to know from the school that he had applied for his daughters school leaving certificate( i teach in the same school as his daughter used to study).. when she missed school from the 5th of sept he told me she had jaundice as we had started the unit test on the 6th the day after the trs day celebartion.. pls advice me how to go abt if she does do something to us... my parents r sr citizens & i dont want them to be harressed in any way at their age... do advice me & ifu need any answers do ask as i really dont know how to do this or go abt with all this. I know u will say pls wait till something happens but pls help me with some advice

Victim No. 65 from agra

I\'m a software engg. (B.E., MBA) I got married on 1/4/2000 and was working in Calcutta. After 3 mths of my marriage we shifted to Hyderabad. (My parents are in Agra & my wife\'s as well.) My wife became pregnant in Oct\'2001. Since she was weak, she needed lot of atention and care, so on the Doctor\'s advice she was supposed to stay in Agra with my parents.

I went to Agra in Nov\'2001 to leave her with my parents. I visited again in Jan\'2002 to see her for a few days.

In March\'2002 I went to US on an Official assignment. Came back on 15/4/2002 to find that my father in law had expired due to illness (Jaundice-Hepatitis type B) on 11/4/2002 (He used to drink a lot).

My wife wanted me to come down to Agra, so that she could be closeby to assuage her mother\'s grief. It was decided that I may start some business in Agra itself. I resigned in May2002 and came to Agra. My daughter was born on 15/6/2002.

Thereafter I took my wife to meet her mother and brother several times on different festival occassions. Couldn\'t leave her there, since my daughter was pre-delivered and so her heart pulse was not proper. The Dr. advised to keep her indoors and under regular & proper care and medical attention or otherwise she would have to be kept in the Hospital for the same reason for sometime. We somehow managed to take care of her at home and she became fine within 2 mths.

Now my wife wanted to go to her mother\'s place for somedays, as she couldn\'t be near them during her father\'s death. The Dr. advised to keep her away from him because of (Jaundice-Hepatitis type B)which is said to be infectious. She went to her mother\'s place on 3/9/2002 with her brother.

Therafter, she never came back. I went to pick her several times. All she wanted me was to pay 10 lakh for settling her brother (elder), who was otherwise jobless. Now this was just blackmailing. My MIL started going to my relatives and saying that we are asking dowry and we have thrown her out of our house. Now whenever I went to pick my wife, she would just shout and growl on me, that why didn\'t you take me to US with you. When I saw this atitude of my wife, I also stopped going ther. There was a limit, how much I could tolerate.

Now my MIL went ahead to my relatives place and told them that they would file 498a, if we don\'t agree to what she wants. (She wanted me to file for divorce, so that she could extract money from me) But we didn\'t agree for the same. So my wife filed 498A in March \'04.

I\'ll try to put further events crisply:
1) Mar\'2004-- My wife filed for 498A
2) Mar\'2004-- We procured arrest stay from High Court
3) May\'2004-- I filed for Restitution of Conjugal Rights
(She didn\'t appear in Court for a long time. She kept on doing job from Mar\'2003 to Nov\' 2004. She quit the job in Dec\'2004)
3a)May\'2004-- She applied to the HC for vacating the stay.
4) Jan\'2005-- Her plea in HC court got rejected.
4a)Jan\'2005-- She applied for maint. u/s 24, 26
4c) Feb\'2005-- She applied for maint. u/s 125
5) Mar\'2005-- She lodged a false case of beating against me and my Father u/s 452,323,504,506. Police arrested us and we got bail the next day from the local court. Her previous attempt to do the same was not fulfilled during 498A
6) Apr\'2005-- Court ordered for maint. & for filing W/s
7) Aug\'2005-- Court ordered her to file W/s, else he would cancel maint.
8) Sep\'2005-- She filed W/s
9) Nov\'2005-- She filed divorce u/s 13 I (ia), (ib)

She even spread a story that her father died because of me ???
My MIL wants money for her son.
Now this is my story, where I\'m jobless, just helping my father in his small business.

Victim No. 66 from lucknow

sir, this is the case of me brother in law AP who was married on 25 feb 2004 with girl of dehradoon. it was an arranged marriage and every thing happen in a very cool manner.(IN LUCKNOW)
after marriage the girl after living one monthe in lucknow with father and motherinlaws she went to Narora where my brotherinlaw is working as scinetific officer.
there she started making propoganda and creating scenes-she always talked to his jija ji(her sisters husband)for more than a hour in delhi and that also almost daily & when she was stopped by my brother inlaw she said i have seen many scientific officers and will leave you giving divorce .
when we came to know this we suggeted to go for a long trip so that hermind can change and she will be able to adjust with you ,my brother inlaw took ltc and they went to south trip for one month he also presented a diamond ring to her on her birthday.
after comming back she again started doing same things she always went to club have some food there and my brotherinlaw came from office shesays that she will not have food as i have taken and i will make maggi for u.
one day both of them started arguing on some issue and girl went back to dehradoon and she took allthe gold jwellery and other things with her ,now she is there from past six months and doing job in some school.(her father came and took her away)
now after six months she has filed a fir blaming my brotherinlaw, my fatherinlaw and motherinlaw u/s 498a,323,934(d). we got a stay order against arrest but now the matter is that the case has been sent to counciling and date of counciling is 1 march, girl is ready to come back and live again but now we dont that girl again and want divorce.
As per advice of ADM(dehradoon) he said that you have to admit that you wanted to keep her because if you say that you dont want to keep her all the charges will automatically be proved .
please suggest me some way out to help my brotherinlaw to save from that girl ,because if she comes back there is no gurantee that she will not file another fir for the same issue again after 2 to 3 months
hoping for way out to file an divorcecase and get rid of this dowary and haressement cases.
please help me.

Victim No. 67 from Hyderabad\'s my brother\'s wife who filed the case against my bro and us....the case is in the stage of negotiating for settlement ...but her father is claiming for somewer around twenty lakhs..... they never gave us dowry....and we got the marriage arranged instead of them doin the preparations..... still they\'re expecting exorbitant amouunt. plz advise on the way of carrying forward the negotiations........

Victim No. 68 from Gurgaon

Wife left on 03-Oct-04 after quarrel and abuse of whole family, wrote her 3 letters in Oct-04/ Nov-04/ Jan-05, got reply but no regret on behavior, served legal notice in Dec-04.
After threats in Mar-05, filed RCR on 12-Mar-05. Her advocate appeared on 10-Aug-05 after 3 summons. She filed transfer of RCR in SC in Sep-05. Transfer petition dismissed in Jan-06.

Came to know in Jan-06 that she had filed 498A with other sections in Jun-05 accussing whole family (Father, Mother, elder married sister and younger unmarried sister and myself). Got copy of complaint from Ranchi court. Cognizance on complaint by her on 08-Feb-06. Preparing to file AB for family and Revision petition for 498A case dismissal as we have got lot many evidences. Next RCR hearing date on 23-Feb-06.

Victim No. 69 from New Delhi

Following has happend with me and my families till date.

1. Married in Feb 2003 according to Hindu rituals. This was arragned marriage.

2. Within the first month itself she ran away from my house AFTER MIDNIGHT FOR NO REASON and came back after 3-4 hours.

3. I tried to enquire the reason, she said, this marriage was against her will and she wanted to marry someone else.

4. When my parents tried to sort the matter out, she kicked my father. Aggrieved by such abusive behaviour, my father (and other family members) disconnected relations from me.

5. My father in law demanded 15 Lakhs, saying that we want to remarry our daughter to someone else. So, give us this much amount OR we will implicate you in false dowry harassment cases.

6. As my wife was pregnant at that time, she threatened to pay her Rs. 15 Lakhs and divorce otherwise she will kill the child.

7. I filed a police complaint regarding this, requesting police to save the unborn child. But Police didnt take any action. So, i tried to put my request in the court, there too a LONG date was given. MEANWHILE, the delivery time came and she was at her parents house. THEY REALLY KILLED THE CHILD, as i was not ready for divorce and not in a position to pay that much amount.

8. After doing all this things, no department/officer is paying attention to my request. My inlaws are still making their unlawfull demands. Case is in the court and \'Date after Date\' is going on. Till date i am feeling depressed because of all this. I wonder what was the fault of the new born, who was killed by them at the time of birth. It was a baby girl.

9. Currently I am running from pillar to post in hope of justice. As they are politically very sound, so no one is paying attention to my case.

10. At last i can conclude that DUE TO THIS BLACKMAILING TOOL IN THE FORM OF \'FALSE DOWRY HARASSMENT COMPLAINT + ARRESTING OF ALL ACCUSED WITHOUT ENQUIRY\' (as no one in our family history been to police stations or Jail), I have lost my relations with THREE generations i.e. My Parents (and inlaws) + My brother (and brother in laws) + My daughter (Already killed). In future too i dont think that they will understand the importance of \"Family Harmony\".

As i want to maintain secrecy about my case etc. so i cannot attach any documents here, but every document etc. are available with me. IF ANYONE OF YOU WANTS TO SEE THEM you can write to ....

Victim No. 70 from pune-mumbai

Find below a brief about my case:

1. I, my Wife and my son (5 years as of now) were staying at Chembur, Mumbai. MY Wife, under depressions - owing to various reasons, including slow academic progress of my child etc, comitted suicide on 11 dec 2004.

2. Follwoing this my in-laws registered a false complaint against me, under sec 306, 304(b) - implying harrasment and abetment of suicide. After 4 days of the above mentioned FIR, they further gave an additional statement claiming demand of dowry and inluded the section 498a against me.

3. During the entire period of my married life, from (29.12.1999) till the said unfortunate incident, there were no complaints against me by my in-laws.

4. In fact during a couple of family meetings we had in the one year period, prior to this incidednt, it clearly came out that my wife is being very stuborn and is unable to make the change-over of a college girl to a Wife.She found the responsibilities associated with marriage, responsibilities of the growing kid etc. to be too demanding.

5. After this incident (suicide of my wife)my in-laws have forcibly taken away my Child.

6. The case filed by my in-laws is in Sessions court Mumbai.

7. I have filed a case for grant of Custody of My Son, in Family Court Bandra. Presently i have been allowed access to my son fortnightly for 4 hours in the family court premises of Pune.

8.Being a govt. Sevarnt and the nature of case against me I am under suspension.

I am intersted in interacting/meeting victims of similar cases(including ipc 304(b)and 306). please contact.

Victim No. 71 from amritsar

She came with her father DS and his brother SSM and other two brothers and accompanying ten more people on dt 18th aug,2005 . instead of showing any grief they spoke abusive language and said that they will kill us . for our safety we filed a complaint in civil line thane of amritsar S H O SSH ensured us that he will take the necessary steps and we need not worry.he told us that he knows makkars very well and he will talk to them and solve the case but he didnot give any complaint copy and we also filed a divorce case that day . on 20 aug 2005 the makkars came accompaning some police man at 6;30 am at our house and threaten our family as me and my brother were out of town they cut our electricity.searched our house without any document.since then we our out of our town . pls help us because our family is in great trouble .

Victim No. 72 from Chennai

My wife filed 498A on 8/26/2005 and the police immdly came to my house and took my father. As he is an Advocate they didn\'t arrest him and left him and asked him to bring me. We have got Anticipatory bail. The charges in 498A are very wrong and we have got divorce also. The chargeshhet is filed and anytime we may receive summons.
My X-Wife filed this just to get divirce as she fell in love with soembody else.
1)How much time normally these kind of cases take to get us acuital?
2)Is there anyway this case can be comrpimised?

Victim No. 73 from Bhopal, MP

I got married to SP at my parental house on 27.4.94. After marriage I felt that she is not true to me. One night I found her opening the main door at 12 o clock. I got up and asked why. She made so many unreliable excuses. Since she never used to check/ close the main door, It was reviewing situation for me. Right from marriage she did not co operate in sexual matters.Whenever I used to approach she used to cry for no reason so scared due to insult I used to draw back or simply end up without penetration as she desired that way.I wanted a child soon and she was not cooperating. Some times she used to injure my face, hands and penis with her nails to avoid relations. Whenever she used to visit her parents, she desired to be there only and returned only after great persuations by me.If I tell something she was ready with her suitcase to go to her parents.After some months of marriageI took her to Dr Madhuri Mittal ( GYnaecologist) at DEhradoon where I was posted.After check up doctor diagnosed that there was swelling in the ovary. She also told that the way Sushma is non cooperative even in check up I wonder how do you do the sex.She advised some medicines which I gave to my wife but she had thrown them and said she had taken them.Under such circumstances god knows how, but she concieved a child after 7 months of marriage. Her non cooperations continued. We got first issue a daughter in July 1995.Advertantly she kept doing the things that created in me a doubt about her loyalty to me.After three and half years we got second male issue in Feb 1999 after similar drama where I was asked by her to have fertility check up of both of us inspite of the fact that she knew she was befooling me. The things progressed. She started demandind a new, house, a new car, new furniture and other domestic appliances. I purchased all these things on departmental loan and GPF advance. In the meanwhile all her relatives had been demanding the money from me on the pretext of loans for constructing the houses.Because by now I had understood their greedineess, I explained them my inability to yield to that.Then she started asking me for putting some lakhs of money as her bank balance. The things went on getting bitter and bitter from her side. She started (July, 2002)to sleep at night in different room till now (21.12.05) the date of her leaving from our house. She left teaching her own children from July, 2002 onwards.She did not love them and kept a distance.She used to create diputes from pretty small issues and threatened to complain in the police and jail me.Inspite of all this I was bearing for the sake of family integrity, childeren and social status for last about 12 years of married life. But now when she has left my home along with all her jewellary and clothes etc for about two months, I registered a complain in Mahila thana,Parivar Pramarsh Kendra at Bhopal with a request to call her back to home. She denied to them also which they have recorded in a register. I made so many calls on phone but she either denied or simply cut the call. I request your good self to kindly suggest me what should I do now or how I react if she files some legal case on me. How should I protect self and childeren.
With great hopes

Victim No. 74 from Australia

Dear sir,

I wish to get your advice, on my current situation.
Iam working in Australia,My wife has filed a false
complaint in police cell against my parents and
me,under dowry harassment.Currently My parents got
bail from the district court,and the court has
arranged for a counselling,the date is not mentioned

I am a permanent resident here,for the counselling
will the judge ask my presence.If so what are the
precautions I need to take,as I am supporting my
family,and in future want to spend for my daughter.
As a permanent resident still the indian laws are
valid for me?
She was not staying with me for two years plus,she
dont want to support my parents and spend for them.At
this age who will take care of them.
Please advice how to proceed further,can I file a
divorce case from here?or can I get a power of
attorney for my divorce case in india.

Please help


Victim No. 75 from Abu Dhabi (UAE)

I had Caught my wife living in adultery with my friends in Dubai on 23rd April,2005. Have letters and mobile recording of her. My daughter is eye-witness to jer unbecoming behaviour. She accepted her fault, and I told her that I shall now seek divorce. Brought whole family from Abu dhabi on 28th April,2005. She was left at Her parent\'s house. I took my children with me.

Two days later, she was to meet at Family court to discuss mutual consent divorce to save the face of her family. After 4 days, I was summoned by Police of her area as she has filed CR106/2005 under IPC498a on 4th May\'2005. My lawyer told me to proceed to my work. I was arrested like a terrorist at Mumbai airport at Immogration on 7th May,2005. I surrendered. Was brought at Police Station, and put behind bar along with hard-core criminals. My relatives came, including lawyer. My children/cousins sang bhajans/prayed outside the jail. IT WAS THERE I LEARNT WHAT IPC-498a IS, AND WHAT DEVASTATING BLOWS IT CAN LAND ON ONE\'S LIFE!! BUT purely by the Grace of Sai Baba, I got bail at mid-night just before police was preparing to carry out thier usual round of beating arrested persons!

Next day, I hired a local lawyer thru the help of same police station, paid hafty amount only to apply for return of passport. Again, God\'s hand was seen - Judge heard my prayer which I myself narrated, and granted me permission to go back to work abroad with conditions to retain my children in India. I obyed the order.

I got my children admitted in residential school outside Mumbai. Filed Divorce under crualty/adultery on 15th June\'05. Attended 498a charge-sheet filing on 16th June\'2005. My Wife later filed children custody and maintenance petitions in family court. Later, She applied 3 Interim applications. I attended family court on 1st Dec\'05. She later went to High Court, and managed thru wrong means a stay order on my NRI-SBI Bonds. I attended 498a trial on 23rd Jan\'2006. It was usual drama of attendance with long date after 6 months!

I attended family court on 24th Jan\'2006 along with my two children. Again attended family court on 13th feb\'2006 along with childre. I was made to bring children to court on both occasions! Returned her passport, and disclosed whereabouts of children to her before court. I challanged her Stay Order in Appeal Court on 15th feb\'06 and exposed her lawyer\'s fraud of getting Stay-order to frustrate me! HC accepted the appeal and fired/warned her lawyer. HC asked us not to come to HC again, and to rely on family court verdicts. Main trial has yet to began.

I am using lots of tips posted on SIF group website. Thru my SUF friends advice, I could use certain tactics, and I guess, mentally I am in strong positions - for the reasions that I still have my jobs, my children are studying well, healthy, happy and are on my side. T\\MY CHILDREN HATE THEIR BIOLOGICAL MOTHER, AND HARDLY MISS THIER MOTHER. MY DAUG. IS 13-1/2 YRS AND SON IS 10YRS.




Victim No. 76 from jharkhand


I am in a awakard situation. My wife\'s elder brother\'s wife filed 498a and involved her husband, father and mother in law and myself. We all 4 had been summoned by court at dhanbad. I turned up but rest all 3 didn\'t. When I alone appeared before the court, I was sent to custody in the month of Aug 2005. I was very much shocked and got fainted before the court. After staying in jail for 5 days I was released on bail by my parents from district court. Those 5 days were most horrible days in my life. The allegation they have made on me are as follows:-
a) I asked for Five Lakhs for purchasing a flat.
b) I asked for Fifty Thousand for purchasing a Motor Bike.
c) I used abusive words upon her.
But the truth is I had hardly talked with them ever and all the above allegations are baseless.
Presently the girl\'s husband has sought stay order upon this case from high court. But my position still hanging. On every court date I have to attend and come back. This is hampering my day to day activity and peace in my life. Sometime I just wonder where and how to get justice from this ill-practice. Please suggest, help me regarding how to get rid of this as soon as possible. I pray to the God that never punish or jail any innocent person.
Please reply

Victim No. 77 from Mulund


My brother was married in Jan-2000. We live in a joint family. Initially my brother wife would try to create a misunderstanding between my brother and family members by complaining about us.

It carried on and in the year 2002 my brother had a daughter girl.
My brother\'s wife and family were dissappointed because since there is no boy in their family and there were hoping that there would be a boy. She was delivered in Chembur. As per our tradition first delivery preference is given to the girl side and if they say no then we take the responsibility. they had agreed and had taken their daughter. But after their daughter gave birth to a girl they started saying that we cannot keep the naming ceremony in a grand manner and that we should keep it by calling only 4 -5 members.

We did not agree to it and we brought my brother\'s wife and did the naming ceremony at our place. After say 1 year my brother\'s wife started having an affair with someone else. She use to say lies and go to roam with him. In one instance on a dassera day she told she is going for dassera puja in office and went. That day my brother\'s daughter had fever. My brother told her not to go but she said that she will be back soon. Since she did not reach home by 1 in the afternoon my brother rang up her office and he was told that she had left the office at 11. when she finally came at 4 in the vening my brother asked her where she was. She told that she was in office and when he told her that he had rung up then she told that she went to her friends house. It is after threatening her that my brother will tell her parents then she admitted that she had gone for lunch with our neighbour with whom she is having an affair.

We have given twice warning and even told her mother and said that we had enquired and come to know that before marriage she was having an affair so they had sent her to native place. Her mother says tbat so what happens. Everybody has an affair and that she thought that she will improve after the marriage.

But one day she came in auto all the way from bhandup and did not pay the auto bill and told the driver that she is bring money and she came home. When my brother came from office , one of our friends told him that his wife had not paid the auto bill and the auto driver was searching her and gave bad words and went. When my brother came and asked her she told she came in bus. This way she started to spoil our name in our locality. She use to contact the boy with whom she had affair on cell from outside and once my brother caught her red handed. So she told she does not want to stay and she went in Sept 2004. The daughter is my us. She did not even bothered to call the daughter or meet her. When my brother told her that he did not want to stay with her then she filed an false complaint with the police station that we are harassing her for dowry and that my brother is drinking and beating her. My brother has gone numerous to the police station and the police are saying that u take her inside or we will put all the four members ( ie. my brother, myself, my wife and my mother ). We were very tensed because we have not even touched her and that now she had put a false complaint. The police say to take her but now my brother and we are not interested in taking her. We told to the police to do the inquiry at our place whether we are really harassing her but they say that in this section we can put you behind bars with out any enquiry and that they have not registered yet the case. They say if you do not take her inside then they will register and put us inside.

Now I request you to give us the right advice because we are really mentally tortured for the thing which we have not done. I know the law is made to protect women but in this century there are women like my brother\'s wife who take advantage of this law and try to torture their husband and the members. So just please mail me your advice.

Victim No. 78 from London


Victim No. 79 from Delhi

She lived only few weeks in 1 and half yrs as she is working as lecturer in the Govt. collage. Take back to her father\'s home sthridhan.
Forged the signature and tranfer the a/c to her father\'s home and withdraw Rs 30,000.
Given her credit card and visa to go to UK.
Later filed the case with some documents:
1. A mail with no meaning.
2. A piece of paper which claims that car was demanded it\'s also altered with two differnt writing.
3. A piece of paper which claimed, that much amount was demanded.

Due u thing we can filed the case of forgery and producing the false documents in the court.
This can help us in some extent.

Victim No. 80 from Delhi

We are Australian citizens and have moved back to India because of my wife\'s parent\'s interference. For almost 8 years they have been interferring in our lives and for no reason have been taunting me all these 8 years by calling me Alcoholic, Beggar etc. etc.

On their interference/ advise we moved bcak to India on their promise that they would help me set up business in India. I told they I have \"X\" amount to which they said that would be sufficient. In India they made me spend double of what intially was committed and when the factory started they bought machines and moulds and asked me to job work for them. When we discussed the rates they told me they will pay me 1/3rd of market rates. To which I objected and wound of my business in 15 days.

They agreed to buy the machines at discount etc. Now they are paying me this money by chq of 50,000 every month. This will take 14 months to clear.

My wife abuses my parents (my mother is on death bed), slapped my father and threatens me with suicide or going to police claiming that I ask for dowry.

Since we are foreign citizens, do you think the police can still arrest me ??

Please help !!!!!

Victim No. 81 from Mangalore

I am working with a construction company, and sometimes i have to leave my wife with my parents, but she does not coperate with my duties, also she doesn\'t want to stay with my parents. She is very bad in compromising with my duties.
I & my parents given her much love & almost everything but still she feels that i am not taking care of her. She like to sleep till late & not at all interested in doing any thing in the home when we live with the my parents.
The main problem is that i want to saty in joint family with my parents & brother and she is not interested at all.Moreover she listens to her parents more than what is required to make her career better with me.
THe worst came in April-2005 when she went out to police station & filed a complaint that i had beaten her & also that we (Myself & my parents)are harassing her for dowary, whereas in fact at that my enough money was available with her father which he had use in the marriage of his son.
The police came to our house and taken away all of us to police station, but as we had some contacts so some how after lot of discussion the case was not registered. In this whole case her parents (father ) was also present & taken his daughters side.
Till that day i felt very ashmed & unable to talk with my wife even though she is leaving with me......

Victim No. 82 from Kolkata

I am living with my in-laws for last 5 months. We visted my native place, which is 40km distance from calcutta, 4 to 5 times during weekend. After certain point of time, my wife showed the reason that my mom is trying to witchcarft as she notice a yellow cloth tied with yellow string. She and her anut went to a Midnapor occult art paractinoer who claims she can see things from even the other part of the world. We have a court marriage in 2001 and both the in-laws were not happy with that. However, they eventually come up to some understanding and on my mother\'s request, we had social marriage in 2003.

My wife and myself both work in same company. Though my wife has never been to my native place, she still thinks my parents are upto breaking the marriage. She is completely whimsical. To satisfy her, I have given my a/c password and she manipulates the money. She, in times, has been very good to my parents and gifted them things worth 8,000 ruppes, in next days, she uses all kinds of imporper words.

I went to my native place in the weekend and come back to my in-laws place on 20th. It has happened previosuly that even if I went to my native place alone, she never used to take it in good faith. Her intention was, I should abandon my family and embrace whatever she does.

On 21st, as things heated up, she hit me in my genital and as reflex action, I did hit her once. Then her two brother start hitting me. They call police and to the police, my wife has given a written complaint over all my \"wrong doings\" in last 5 years. As per the police officer\'s advice, I gave a statement saying it was just a misunderstanding and we will make up. Since then, I am staying quitely in the same place. As I didn\'t start conversing with my wife again, my in-laws are pressurizing and threatening me to do so. And my wife wants to bring me down and put all of my relatives in jail.

Today, 24th Februrary, 2006, when I said I will be out for the weekend, my in-laws said I should be there as there will be someone coming for counselling. Quickly it was clear that the person coming on Sunday is the police officer himself. I was threatened by the words like \"Bring on your family, otherwise police will go and drag your parents here\". It comes very clear that my in-laws went to police even after that day. I wanted to quit the place, but I was threatened that as soon as I do that, they will file 498a and they will ruin me.

That is being the problem from a long time. I could not do anything because of such threat and we were mostly outside out native place.

Please help me as I am living in this strained environment, under threat and sentimental blackmailing.

Victim No. 83 from Madras

My wife has been harassing me for many years now. She says I do not earn enough money. When I refused to buy her a qualis, she went to her mother\'s house and in one months time filed and FIR. The case has been filed, but no progress from the police. Women\'s cell has taken up the matter. I will be attending a negotiation process soon. What should I ask for? anything to keep in mind?

Victim No. 84 from Byculla, Mumbai - 400008

My wife keeps me and my mother harassing.
I am doing job the whole day I am in office when I return home there is always a complain about my mother I hear but which she does not do it delibertly

She has a very touch tough and keep saying thinks to my mother unnecessary things to her (always TANA)

Some of thinks my wide keeps on saying are :
My son fail because of her (as of today)
I(myself) only talks to her(mother) and never talk to me
she had (breast cancer) because of her
she does all black magic on me etc.

On the contarary every things is opposite.

My wife is from a rich family and spent like nothing.

I am doing job and so I have to spent economically on my wife tells to sell away my house, and shift to vadodara and and let my sister\'s to keep my mother ( my two sister married and stays in vadodara), which I will never like.

Please advices me on this matter to what to do.
I have two sons ( 15 yrs and 8 yrs)

Victim No. 85 from chennai

She belongs to leading family near Tanjore. Her reletives claim her family is under the spell of one LK a temple priest running a private temple at Naganallur. Claimed she is M Sc Bio Physics from Anna University Campus of MU, Rank holder etc but false.

Our FIR is pending (Extrtion, Intimidiation etc.)Our petition for Nullity of marriage pending.Aso her petition for JS pending at Family Court Chennai

Her sister who is with Capital One Virginia Who appeared to be decent now keeps silent

Many proceedings thro LK group but resisited by us

Victim No. 86 from USA

At respectfully submits as follows:

It is submitted that the Complainant is a Engineer Graduate and her alliance was settled with Accused No.1 and she is married with Accused No.1 on 27-8-2004 at a Function Hall, Bowenpally, Secunderabad according to Hindu rites and customs.

It is submitted that at the time of marriage Accused No.1 to 4 have demanded an amount of Rs.4 lakh cash, House hold articles worth of Rs.1 lakh as dowry and accordingly the Accused have received the above said dowry. The marriage was performed in a grand manner as desired by the Accused and incurred an expenditure of Rs.4 lakhs.

It is submitted that Accused No.1 is the husband of the Complainant; Accused No.2 is the mother of the Accused No.1 and Accused No.3 & 4 are sisters of Accused No.1.

It is submitted that immediately after marriage, the Complainant joined Accused No.1 at the house of Accused and on 12-09-2004 the Accused No.1 left for America leaving the Complainant at his parents house and thereafter the complainant joined her duties in her office.

It is submitted that the Complainant who was working in [BIG TELE COMPANY] at the time marriage is made to resign her job at the instance of Accused No.1 in the month of May 2005 on the promise that she would be taken to America and Accused No.1 took the pass port of the Complainant under the pretext and detained the same without making any efforts to take the Complainant to America.

It is submitted that till November 2004 Accused No.1 used to call the Complainant on phone from U.S.A. but thereafter Accused No.1 started abusing the Complainant one pretext or other and stopped talking with the Complainant though he was calling on phone and to his mother and his sisters and then onwards of the Accused No.1 was totally changed to the Complainant.

It is submitted that since November 2004 Accused No.2 started abusing the Complainant, torturing and ill-treating her petty issues and always picking up quarrels with Complainant without any faults of the Complainant and Accused No.2 further harassed the Complainant by removing the maidservant to make the Complainant to do the entire household work though she was working in a [BIG TELE COMPANY] as an Engineer.

It is submitted that Accused No.2 and Accused No.3 and Accused No.4 frequently used to visit the house of Accused No.2 and A2 to A4 never used to talk with the Complainant and used to pickup quarrels and abuse the Complainant and they used to keep the Complainant separately from them and to feel her lonely and the Complainant was made to do the entire household work and in the month of November 2004 she got fever and even then the Complainant was totally neglected and never allowed to go to her parents house for taking treatment.

It is submitted that on 4-3-2005 Accused No.1 came to India but accused No.1 came to India but Accused No.1 never talked to her and Accused No.1 to 4 used to abuse and insulted the Complainant before other relatives and the harassment went to peak stage and due to that the health of the Complainant was also deteriorated.

It is submitted that in the last week of March 2005 Accused No.1 left for America without informing the Complainant and thereafter Accused No.2 to 4 frequently used to instigate Accused No.1 against the Complainant though the Complainant was doing the entire house hold work and taking care of Accused No.2 and the Complainant was never allowed to watch T.V. and A2 to A4 used to abuse that the Complainant is not educated and does not have any knowledge.

It is submitted that the Complainant bore up the harassment made by the Accused with the fond of hope that the behavior of Accused will change after some time, but the Accused instead of change of behavior increased the harassment towards the Complainant and Accused No.1 used to abuse the Complainant over telephone at the insistence of A2 to A4.

It is submitted that Complainant undergone unbearable harassment and torture in the hands of a1 to A4 and A1 used to suspected the Character of the Complainant and threatened to take divorce to enable him for performing another marriage and A2 to A4 started supporting Accused No.1 and they also started behaving rudely with the Complainant and warned her to take divorce and enable the A1 to perform another marriage and Complainant was necked out from their house on 15th June, 2005.

It is submitted that all the household articles and cash given at the time of the marriage are not transferred to the Complainant and thereby the Accused have committed an offence U/s 6 of D.P. Act and demanded dowry at the time of marriage have committed an offence U/s 4 of D.P. Act.

It is submitted that the demand of dowry and payment of dowry took place at the house of parents of the complainant which is situated under the limits of Balanagar P.s. and consequences of the Complainant is being subjected to cruelty also resulted on the Complainant returning to her parents house at Balanagar where she is undergoing unbearable cruelty on account of the actions of accused and thus the Accused have committed an offence U/s 498(A), 406 of I.P.C. and 4 & 6 of D.P. Act under the limits of Balanagar P.S which is under the jurisdiction of this Honorable Court.

It is submitted that Accused No.1 simply has married the Complainant in order to gain more dowry and later on ignoring the Complainant altogether and behaving as if he is not married to the Complainant shows that A1 has married the Complainant only for the purpose of material gain with no intention to lead matrimonial life with the complainant.

The Complainant submits that having regard to the nature of the offence which is non-bail able and cognizable in nature and the same is required to be thoroughly investigated by Police.

Hence it is prayed that this Honorable Court may be pleased to refer the Complaint to P.S. Balanagar under section 156(3) of Cr.P.C. for investigation and report and try the Accused No.1 to 4 and thereafter in accordance with the law in the interest of justice.

Victim No. 87 from Andheri(w),M\'bai.

Trial Court convicted brother-in-law, father-in-law & Mother-in-law with fine and 1month presion .
Apeal-fully discharged even the fine refunded, case found to be without bases.
It is realsised that the marrage was done by the girl just to grab property with active canviance of her relatives and this has been their family practice.
She has taken subsetential assets of ours and have sopiled our family raputation of more then 100years.
The background of the girl is that her forfather were staying in a chawl and they are staying in a small flat,and all there close relativer are from the same background, where as we are a known family in Bombay and through out India by our name.
Since the case has been disposed of in 2002 and even divourse granted in 2004 by the family court.
How such people can be taught a lesson and governmet made to realise the folly of such onesided law.

Victim No. 88 from Delhi

Was living separately with wife, she commited suicide, case registered against me and my mother, father, brother(jeth) and his wife(jethani) who have been living separately.

Victim No. 89 from punjab

after my married she stayed at matrimonial house for only 25days.her own parents came without any prior intimation or gave any plausible reason for their visit on 26 feb 2003.They quarelled with us and took away their daughter alongwith all ornaments and valuable clothes.after that filed a case u\\s 125crpc against me at Hoshiarpur which was transferred to garhshankar.reason being influence of girls father who is advocate at hoshiarpur.filed also 498a applicion with the police hoshiarpur against me which was after Enqury was filed in my favour on 16 dec 2005 nw they 498A\\406\\156\\3 in hoshiarpur court we r at bail at present and facing this case

Victim No. 90 from Mumbai

Started creating fabricated story against my mothere. she is career orineted.Left the home in Nov. 2005. Insisting on seperating out from parents and having no relation with them Threatning of legal action if i dont seperate out

Victim No. 91 from Fremont,CA

My brother had filed for a divorce from USA.She had abadoned and left USA with the child October 2004.I havent seen or spoken to his wife for over 3 years. I had to go tho India for my motherinlaw\'s death in June 2005 with my 2 small kids aged 6 and 4..The petitioner,my brothers wife filed a 498a on July 5th 2005.I was arrested along with my aged mother and remanded to judicial custody.The police didnt ask us anything or listen to our story.Then we got bail,my passport was seized by the court. I applied for the quash of Fir.It was accepted in the Madras high court and all the investigation was stopped till the Police came up with evidence.IN the meanwhile I applied for passport release and relaxation of bail which was granted by the lower court in Chennai.Now I am waiting for the final hearing of mu quash in the high court.

Victim No. 92 from madras

My wife has filed a case in the court for divorce on the
grounds of dowry harassment and cruelty. She is also holding
my one year old baby to ransom. They demand 25 lakh rupees
to be paid failing which they threaten us that they will
proceed legally.

As her family has 2 lawyers, i find it difficult to tackle
this outrageous harassment.

Having given her a good life to the best of my knowledge,
i never ever expected her to react in such a fashion.

Any help for me and my one year old daughter would
be highly appreciated. I feel that by going public, i
have a better chance of fighting for justice and it\'d
give me a chance to prove my innocence. How should i
go about it. Please let me know about it asap. I need
my daughter and i am unable to let her be held as a
hostage by my greedy in-laws !!!!!

Victim No. 93 from Howrah

my in-laws, mostly my father-in-law wants me to follow his advice and told me to severe all relations with my parents, relatives as well as my friends and I\'ve to leave my house and parents. on protest he threats me saying that \"If I didn\'t follow him and If I did\'nt arrange for a seperate accomodation following his liking he will put me and my parents behind bars.\" I also have to take permission from my in-laws to meet my parents, knowing that I\'m the only son of my parents.The blackmailing becomes so accute that I can\'t tolarate and make a protest saying that \"I\'ll stay with my wife seperately in our own house instead of talking a seperate accomodation and I will also fulfill my duties towards my parents, nobody can\'t stop me.\" After that my father-in-law instigate & provoked my wife to lodged a 498a and issue a arrest warrent accusing me and my mother. later I came to know from some person that he done this to make me bow down in front of him and also to harres me. Now the police has filed the CS, and the case is in Court.
Please help me so that I can make a protest against this.

Victim No. 94 from belapur, New Bombay

My wife is extremely hot headed.Has attempted suicide six months after marriage,was hospitalised but i dont have those papers.She is inhospitable, nagging,adamant,not ready to acclimatise with inlaws.She has filed a complaint with social counselling cell at crawford market,police commissioner office against me ,my two brothers,mum,dad. After 2 hearings i told the police & her, i don\'t want to keep her with me.So they have told us to come on 11th March 2006.I want to divorce her & also want custody of my 17 month daughter.Please help

Victim No. 95 from new jersey

My parents & siblings are going thru hell they have to come very month from tamilnadu to delhi for hearing and the stupid judges dont understand anybody.

Victim No. 96 from United kingdom

filed case under IPC 498a,420 and one more.actually i\'m on student\'s visa in UK for the last three years.she is on dependent visa.then shefiled case here in UK.and then her father filed case in india.she is still in UK on my dependent visa.her father is not interested in taking the things back but only in the criminal proceeding leedimg to no negotiation. there was no actual dowry or physical harassment. my parents are already in the custody for 1day.still no all accused live in sister and brother-in-law are holder of British sister is on work permit.pls help

Victim No. 97 from Bangalore

We got married on 12 dec 2002, just after few months they started dominating & putting themselves over us. Even they used to take her daughter without my or my family consent. I used to get upset due to their behavior & had argument over this but she never realizes her & her Parents mistakes moreover she just blame us for everything.
She also used to behave very erratically sometimes & believe as she & her parents are GOD. She just listen to her Parents & never listen to me.
She used to go to her parentís house for couple of days & stay there for weeks & when I used to call her to take her back at particular day, her Mother used to deny and says the day is not good to take her back.
One day me & my wife had to attend a get-together as my company CEO was coming but she went with her parents to some other occasion. So I got very annoyed with the incident & we had a quarrel over the issue. There are several incidents due to which our relation grew soar. Her mother, father & brother started threatening me & my family with dire consequences. Even her Brother came to my home & threatened my parents, broke the utensils & disconnected the phone line by pulling the cable out. Even her father & mother came to my house & threatened my parents & me. They used to say that Police & Police station are their own they will send all of us to jail.
My friends advised me to live separate with the parents. Considering all I shifted from Delhi to Bangalore in July 05 with my wife & child thinking that they will not interfere in my life anymore. But they (In-laws) came here in Dec 05 pretending to go to Kenyakumari but stayed with us. During that time my friend was coming to stay with me. Situation gets tensed & after staying for 5-6 day they went back (not sure). Couple of days after on 10 Dec 05 her Father came in the night with a police man & took me to Byppanahalli Police station & kept me in the police station for whole night & went to stay in a hotel. Next morning in presence of SHO I was shocked to know that they have given false & cooked complaint of dowry & mental harassment against me. Somehow I managed to convince SHO that the complaint is false but the matter will be solved without escalating further. As a matter of fact that I am against the demand of dowry & I never asked her directly or indirectly a single paisa. All agreed & things got normal & her father along with her &child went to Delhi. She came back after more then a month & a week in Jan 06, she was very happy & I also believed that now she would not repeat such things.
On 19 Feb my Parents & we came back from my Brother home in Coimbatore but could not find the door keys. My father asked my mother to search for it but she could not find it in her purse, my father also searched her purse then he asked my wife, she also could not find it but my father asked her to search it again & she started shouting at him, I asked her to stop but she continued. I asked my father to stop saying anything to her but she kept on shouting that we all are torturing her & she will send all of us to jail. During shouting she was saying that she want me to die. She called her father to come here immediately. I also shouted at her & said she is reacting like her Parents. Since then she is behaving like insane, she does not speak to me. Now I am very afraid of her & her Parents, they can do anything against me.

Victim No. 98 from Lucknow

On 25 Feb. 2005 My wife has gone with her mother to appear in M.Com-I Exam in the absence of My parents with out permission. After that she asked she will appear in B.Ed. entrance exam and after that she will come back it was the month of April 2005. 1-2 month later she ringed me that she is in Banglore and doing G.N.M. training i was shoked with our my permission how she can do it. but I bear that. and she told that she will return to Pali on 20th aug 2005. after that she will back to Lucknow. But after reaching Pali she and her family forced me to come there and take her back to Lucknow, But I denied because of my business and Pali is more than 1000 Km. far from Lucknow. So I told that as you go there without my permission and with out me come here as the same way. on this, my mother-in-law & my wife becomes very aggressive and they warn me that I have to come there either by self or with the Police. We did not responsed it and don\'t think any negative. but after few days we got chained calls from Dy. SP (Pali) , Mahila Thana (Pali) that my wife has laudged a complaint against me and my whole family. As one main thing I want to mentioned that my brother does not live with us she is residing at Raigarh(Chattisgarh) and my sister residing at Kolkata (W.B.) and she complained that we all torchered her, so Mahila thana Adhyakas Jyoti Charan told us to come there with whole family for settlement in the presence of Police. But we denied as We don\'t think it is the safe way for settlement in Police Thana. after that on 27 Nov. they send a police man to take me there. But we send him back. then we went to an Advocate for advise and help he said that we will filed a case U/S-9 in the family Court. it\'s date was 24th Feb 2006 but while filed the case our harrisment by police was continue. So we again went to the same Advocate. than he introduced us with an advocate of High Court. and told that we will filed a Habeus Corpus agaainst her father that he has detained my wife. after that there will be no Police harrisment. So we do the same. on 16 Dec. 2005 We filed Habeus Corpus. which date for hearing was 9 Jan 2006. but on 9 Jan My wife and her father did not come at the High Court Lucknow. On 17th Jan 2006 3 Policeman including ASI and a lady police came my home with 4 policeman of Local PS - Saadatganj, and they told that my wife lodged a complaint 498A and we have to come with them for Pali. but present them our Family court and High Court Writ. which was dated for hearing on 27 Feb. 2006 , So they gone back. On 27 Feb 2006 My wife come with her father in the High Court and denied my all charges. After that we tried for compromise but they did resoponsed positive. So we are afraid please help us

Victim No. 99 from thane

I have regular arguments with my wife. Many times she is threatning me. She also abuses my parents.Still there is no breakup between us but I am doubting she is taking legal advice.
I do not want to be caught unaware and as a precaution want to know the do\'s and donts or any other relevant matters I have to know in case she files a complaint.

Victim No. 100 from delhi

case filed under the above said section parents aged 70 (father,retired) 61 (mother,housewife patient of rheumatoid artheritis on regular medication),sister presently married and professional,
have been to CAW CELL 25 TIMES IN NOV 2004- JAN 2005 CASE FILED IN FEB2005 RESENTLY ON ANTICIPATORY BAIL case filed in karkadooma court

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