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Research Reports related to Domestic Violence and 498a

Domestic Violence Related reports

  • USA: Report on violence against husband (Indiana Law School)
  • USA: Physical Assaults by Wives: A Major Social Problem
  • USA: Extensive Research Report how husbands get abused
  • USA: Extensive Report on violence against husband
  • Canada (Government Report): Intimate Partner Abuse against men
  • Canada (Government Report): Husband Abuse - An Overview of Research and Perspectives
  • Canada: Men Abused by Women in Intimate relationships
  • India: Extensive Report on violence in Northern India
  • Male Victim of Domestic Violence
  • Women Never lies Myth

  • 498a Related Reports

  • Media Reports: NRIs getting tortured by Indian Brides
  • 498a Research Report submitted to Judges and MOIA Minister Shri Vayalar Ravi (12 MB)
  • 498a Report
  • 498a Research Report by Mr. N Kumar - Yah Kaisa Insaaf
  • Council for Social Reserach (CSR) - 98 out of 100 cases of 498a are not convicted
  • Rakshak's version of "Marriage to Overseas Indians" booklet [ pdf ]
  • Indian Government's highly biased "Marriage to Overseas Indians" booklet